My father-in-law owes me money; my wife gets angry whenever I raise this topic.

Anytime my wife and I fight, it is because of her father and I am having second thoughts already.

It all started last four years even before my girl and I decided to get married. Around that time I had gotten a contract to supply building materials to a real estate and construction company.

My business needed additional capital or investors because my warehouse alone couldn’t meet all the demands. I spoke to a friend who introduced me to one big politician who also agreed to support me.

Long story short I got the capital. It was a huge sum of money even more than I had estimated so I committed a small portion to start our wedding plans.

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She had been with me even before my business started doing well so I was sure she was solid.

I noticed she wasn’t herself for a while so I asked her what was wrong. She initially didn’t want to open up but I forced her to That was when she told me about her family’s problem.

Her father was also into construction. According to my fiance, her father had defaulted on a bank loan and the bank was going to seize their home and a tipper truck that they owned. I felt bad about the situation and the effect it had on my soon-to-be wife also affected me.

He took back everything he bought for me because I refused to marry him.

For a while, she was absent-minded when we were together I knew it was because of her Dad’s situation so I offered to help her family out of the situation. The amount involved was quite huge, GHC 340,000. My business was doing very well so I didn’t see a reason why I shouldn’t help.

I spoke with his Dad and the man accepted my help. We discussed a repayment plan without interest because, after all, he was going to be my father-in-law. My fiance was back in high spirits again and things seemed to be going well. Indeed money stops nonsense.

We proceeded to do a small wedding because already I had spent so much and didn’t want to touch my capital. After the wedding, my wife agreed to foot most of the expenses at home so I could focus on the business. I agreed.

Life was on track and business was booming until COVID struck. Everything became expensive. The headache involved in importing some building materials alone was putting so much stress on my business and eventually, I had to close down for a while.

I became a stay-at-home husband while my wife went out to win bread for the family. She is a government worker. Her attitude towards me changed all of a sudden and everything about her showed that she expected more from me and this was the situation where I wasn’t making a lot like I used to.

Even after Covid, my business has still not been the same.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, a year and My father-in-law in law hadn’t even mentioned that he owed me and plans to pay. I didn’t know how I was going to ask him for my money so I tried to pass through my wife because that was her father and she could ask freely.

As soon as I mentioned it this woman got angry and started talking harshly to me referring me to all the work she has to do in the house and at the same time cover the bills. She insisted I wanted to disgrace her family but God knows that wasn’t my intention.

My husband’s search history freaked me out.

I was so shocked by her actions. From that day onwards any time raised that issue, she would lose her temper, insult me even starve me food and sex.

Her dad also avoided me like the plague and barely would I even see him. he wouldn’t answer my calls either. I had to chase him down to nicely ask for my money because it had been more than a year and yet still he hadn’t even settled the first instalment.

He would tell my wife anytime I called him and she would also come home and blast me. I got so depressed and lost so much weight in my own home. I didn’t know how to inform my parents about what was going on in my marriage but eventually, I had to.

They arranged a meeting with the lady’s family. That was the day I saw the true colours of the family I had married into. Her father lost it at the meeting even saying that I am not a man because I allowed my wife to foot all the bills at home.

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My father called me aside to advise me to leave the marriage now that I don’t have a child yet with her but I am still contemplating what to do because I have lost interest in the woman I married and supported, lost huge sums of money and I am even more afraid I would lose part of what I am worth like what happens to most men who go through divorce. I don’t know what to do now.


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