He took back everything he bought for me because I refused to marry him.

I am in my late twenties and a staunch member of my church. Our pastor likes me and treats me like his own daughter.

Many times he would ask me when I would be getting married to which I always replied “very soon” or in God’s own time.

As a young lady, I was in a serious relationship with my boyfriend even though I knew marriage wasn’t going to knock on my door anytime soon.

My boyfriend had been struggling to make a living since completing university. It was so bad that at times I had to support him financially with the small coins I made from selling.

One Sunday after church service, Daddy called me aside and said he had something urgent to discuss with me. I stayed behind after everyone had left to listen to what he had to say. He opened up about being worried for me because I wasn’t getting any younger.

That was when he suggested pairing me up with one of his junior pastors, pastor Mike who was single at the time. In fact, that wasn’t the kind of conversation I was expecting and I couldn’t tell him I already had a serious boyfriend but I gave what he said a second thought and decided to get to know brother Mike.

Fast forward, he and I became very good friends. He never made his intentions clear at first and in my mind, I believed we were just friends. He also never asked if I was already in a relationship.

He would spoil me with gifts, offer to pay me school fees and even furnish my room.

My boyfriend always felt intimidated but I assured him Mike was just a friend offering to help me out, besides I only saw him as the big brother I never had. Brother Mike became a strong pillar in my life.

My woes started when he started demanding sex which I refused with the excuse that I wanted to save myself for my future husband. His demands became more and more persistent and at times I would have to threaten to tell the church if he forced me.

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There were days I even had to leave my room for him because I couldn’t sack him when he was the one who had rented the room for me. There were days he would be of good behaviour. I always felt bad because I had led him on to spoil and spend so much on me but what else could I have done? I needed the help so badly.

One day he asked if he could meet my family, I initially didn’t want to but it was the least I could do to express my gratitude. My mother had also wanted to meet the good Samaritan in my life who was spoiling me. So I took him home.

We got to my mom’s and introduced him to her. She was happy to meet him finally. To my surprise this guy told my mom that he wanted to marry me. He assured her that he would take good care of me, help me get a better job and even set a business up for me. I couldn’t utter a word because I didnt want to embarrass him.

My mother called me that evening blabbering about how gentle he was and from that day she started giving me pressure to accept his marriage offer. I explained countless times that I didn’t love him and I couldn’t leave my boyfriend who was already suspecting me of cheating on him.

Brother Mike would usually send me money on weekends to cook for him. At times he comes to my place to eat. I arranged my schedule so well that he never met my boyfriend but on this day luck wasn’t on my side. My boyfriend visited when he was around. It was very awkward and I didn’t know how to introduce them both.

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Mike who had read between the lines asked my guy to leave because I was his fiance. The two got into a heated argument that nearly turned into a fight. Mike stormed out of the room. I tried to call him to talk him down but he wouldn’t pick up my call. My boyfriend slept over that night.

Early the next morning around 5:30 to 6 I heard a loud bang on my door. I opened the door only to see brother Mike. He had come with a KIA Truck to move everything he had in the room that belonged to him.

According to him, everything he bought for me was meant for our future home and since I already had someone and was not ready to marry him he had come for them.

He walked in and started taking everything he had bought for me. He took the TV, Fridge, Bed, Standing fan even cooking utensils he bought as a gift for me.

I tried to stop him but Kofi asked me not to. What even hurt me more was when he gave me up to the following week Saturday to get a new phone so he could come for his.

He took every single thing I had. I called my mother to explain everything that happened and she sided with me. Told me to let him go because only a villager will act the way he did. She even thanked God I didn’t marry him.

For the room, he couldn’t have asked me out because I had paid the rent to the landlord myself with the money he had given me and the receipt was in my name.

The following Sunday we met in church and we had to pretend everything was okay. I decided not to inform the pastor how things were going and to this day he still believes Mike and I are still courting.

This is my little advice to ladies out there, you should never accept material things from a man you don’t love and also make sure you know his true character before taking anything from him.

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