DWP dancer draws down curtains on dancing career due to religious belief.

Naqiyah Yusif, the renowned DWP dancer, recently revealed her decision to leave the world of dance due to her strong commitment to Islamic beliefs.

In a heartfelt video, the Ghanaian performer, known for her distinctive routines, expressed the conflict between her love for dance, a significant part of her life, and her unwavering dedication to Islam.

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Despite her evident longing for the days spent dancing with DWP members, Naqiyah emphasized that her faith and the pursuit of Jannah, the Islamic concept of paradise, took precedence over her passion for dance.

The announcement drew considerable attention, particularly within the Ghanaian community, where many mourned the void Naqiyah’s departure would create in the local dance scene.

While expressing sadness over her exit, members of the Ghanaian community acknowledged Naqiyah’s impact on dance. Simultaneously, the Muslim community praised her decision, applauding her commitment to her faith and offering unwavering support during this transition.

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