This is How Poor communication is ruining your relationship. How to fix it.

outcomes of poor communication in relationships
Outcomes of poor communication in relationships

When it comes to communication in a relationship, there’s the need to draw a line between poor communication and a lack of communication. The two are often confused with each other. The outcomes of poor communication in relationships are pretty similar to the lack of communication.

You can be in a relationship that lacks communication even though the communication may be quality or vice versa.

This article seeks to differentiate between poor and lack of communication in most relationships as a way to help you better understand how each or both of them may be ruining your love life.

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What is the difference between poor communication and lack of communication?

Poor communication refers to when communication is present but is not effective.

The purpose of communicating with your partner is to address a concern or to paint a picture of your feelings. You communicate with your main intention being to be understood. However, it can be frustrating when despite all your attempts to get your partner to understand you they don’t seem to get you.

In this situation, communication isn’t in lack but rather poor.

This happens when one or both partners are not actively listening. They may be hearing you but not listening. Another reason is, the one communicating their feelings may not be choosing the right words, the appropriate timing or the means.

Poor communication can often lead to frustration, resentment, and a lack of trust in most relationships.

Lack of communication on the other hand isn’t any better. With this, no attempt or effort is put into communication. It is also one of the fastest ways to break up or divorce.

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Communication is in luck when one party is always left wondering what the other party may be thinking.

lack of communication refers to when communication is absent altogether. This can happen when one partner is not willing to communicate or when both partners simply don’t make the effort to communicate with each other. A lack of communication can often lead to feelings of neglect, loneliness, and disconnection in the relationship.

Here are some Useful Tips for Expressing your feelings to your partner effectively.

  1. Allow your partner to express their feelings without interference or distraction.
  2. Listen with the intention to understand but not just reply. A reply should only be given when you have understood what they are feeling.
  3. Communicating your feelings, when tempers are flaring, is 99% of the time not effective. It is advisable to wait until things settle.
  4. Communicating your feelings is best-done face to face. phone conversations tend to ruin it. Emotions are better expressed not just by words but by body language as well.
  5. Making past references not unrelated to the issue at hand will only worsen things.

What significant role does quality communication play in a relationship?

It’s important to note that you can be engaging in quality communication in a relationship that is still lacking.

Quality communication refers to effective communication that is clear, respectful, and understanding. This type of communication can help build trust, intimacy, and a deeper connection between partners.

It also helps to prevent unnecessary fights in the relationship and helps to foster the care and confidence between two partners.

Taking advantage of quality communication to build relationships.

Nothing hurts like being with someone and not being understood. It may not necessarily mean you are in the wrong relationship. Effective communication comes naturally to some couples while others need to work hard for it.

There is the need to constantly assure your partner that they are free to open up and be vulnerable around you until all doubts they may have been cleared. When you manage to attain that level, then communication between you two will flow easily.

We are often hesitant to open up and talk heart to heart with our partners because we fear that it may be used against us. Also it may be because of past experiences and child hood traumas. However, giving that benefit of the doubt could be the first step towards fixing your relationship.

There are those who have had to be so strong in life on their own that getting the emotional support from their spouse is out of the ordinary. If you are one of such persons then do well to change.

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