Jasmine wants to make me an outsider in my marriage- Mr. Ibu’s wife

Stella Maris Okafor, the spouse of the ailing veteran Nollywood actor, Mr Ibu, has raised concerns about her adopted daughter, Jasmine, attempting to sabotage her marriage.

Mr, Ibu who hasn’t been unwell for quite some time now appealed for funds for his treatment on social media.

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The donations pouring in sparked controversies between the mother and her adopted daughter when rumours of Stella misappropriating the donations for her lavish lifestyle hit the internet.

In Stella’s defence, Jasmine was the one spreading the false rumours.

This development follows Stella Maris’ revelation, a year ago, stating that Jasmine is not Mr Ibu’s biological daughter and implying a romantic connection between Jasmine and Mr Ibu, a claim dismissed by Mr Ibu’s sons from his previous relationship.

Stella labelled Jasmine the mastermind behind the malicious lies peddled against her emphasizing that Jasmine was trying to make her an outsider in her marriage

Her post reads “

Hello wonderful Nigerians, friends and well-wishers from all over the world. I want to use this medium to appreciate everyone who has contributed to the well-being of my husband. He is responding well to treatment and we believe we shall overcome this health challenge to the glory of God.

Recently, there have been some malicious lies being peddled against me on social media as masterminded by Jazmine Chioma Okeke who wants to make me an outsider in my own home but God forbid. I will address Jazmine’s excessive interference in my family affairs and other related matters when the time is right. For now, my husband’s health is most important

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