Fuseini’s GHC 6 million bet winning is Haram – Islam Clerics urges him to ask for forgiveness.

The young Ghanaian man who recently made headlines for winning GHC 6 million from betting with just a stake amount of 40 cedis has been ordered by Islamic clerics to return the money since gambling is considered Haram in Islam.

Fuseini showed up at the Betpawa premises to claim his reward accompanied by his mother who had on a white Hijab. Videos and pictures that hit the internet had netizens talking.

The young man who recounted how he started from nothing nearly broke into tears of joy. This life-changing feat which has the majority of Ghanaians and bet fanatics celebrating him

hasn’t sat well with some Islamic religious clerics.

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Islamic clerics have ordered the young man to return every penny of the money back to the gambling agency. According to them, Fuseini breached the laws of the Quran which urged believers not to participate in games of chance. 

A social media platform known as Iqra Foundation has accused the mother of Fuseini of supporting his child in gross misconduct. They also cited that betting has become a canker that is eating through the Zongo youth. 

A snippet of the post made on Iqra Foundation reads “

They advertised fuseini won 6,000,000ghc they are advertising it to get more people and as a Muslim this should be a concern cus a fellow Muslim they say won and more vulnerable Muslims will think is okay to bet and end up messing themselves up,as long as it’s Haram it will affect them one way or another,say no to betting and the story is even a forged one,don’t be deceived,this betting companies concern is how to make more money from people and not to make people get money,don’t let greediness take u there

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