This is what will happen to your child if you let them sip your alcohol.

Allowing your kids to sip on a little amount of alcoholic wine once in a while is terrible. According to researchers at America’s Uniformed Services University in Maryland, children who are given alcohol have a higher chance of becoming alcoholics when they grow up.

Giving kids a sip of alcohol, especially at the dinner table creates positive alcohol expectations for them. Aside from the fact that children metabolize alcohol faster than adults, children can suffer a low blood sugar with even the slightest amount they consume.

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Other studies conducted by University at Buffalo in the past have confirmed this theory. These findings contradict the belief that it is harmless for kids to sip on a little wine.

Professor Craig Colder of the University at Buffalo also asserted that tasting alcohol by child increases the chances of drinking behavior when they turn adolescents.

The researcher also linked early sipping and drinking in children to increased consequences associated with drinking, like hungovers, getting into trouble often , arguments and fighting. Such children may also suffer substance use, academic problems and high-risk sexual activity in their teenage years.

It is reported that children take alcohol before turning 12 mostly under the supervision of their parents, while alcohol use without parent supervision happens between the ages of 13 or 14 years.

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The underlying problem isn’t the quantity they take but the frequency this is because the process of sipping becomes the child’s first direct experience with drinking.

In conclusion, no amount of alcohol given to children is safe. You may have heard of mothers that rub alcohol on their teething babies gums to ease

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