The five (5) most important steps to command respect at the workplace.

Being able to command respect in the workplace or wherever you find yourself is an uncommon trait that very few people possess. There is a clear difference between commanding respect and demanding respect.

The difference between the two is based on how respect is obtained. Commanding respect in the workplace means that the respect is given to you based on the integrity of your character, your status and how you influence the lives of others positively.

Demanding respect is the opposite. In this case, you are begging to be respected. People who demand respect often result to manipulative antics to get respect. They use age, experience, position, money, social status, educational achievements and material achievements as their leverage to demand respect.

For you to command respect at the workplace, we have outlined some key points you can use to earn the respect due you.

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1 . The number one rule is to respect others.

Yes if you want to be respected in the working environment then, first of all, you should respect others too. When you show respect to anyone in the workplace regardless of their position or grade, psychologically they will feel the need to reciprocate.

You should also note that respect goes hand in hand with humility. If you happen to be the CEO or manager of a company, make it a habit of greeting the janitor first when you cross paths. You would be amazed how he or she would hold you in high esteem and be ready to assist you at all times.

Respect can be expressed in many forms and greeting is just one of them.

2. Set healthy boundaries and respect other people’s boundaries.

Establishing your boundaries will make your coworkers better understand the things you can tolerate and those you can’t. You wouldn’t appear as a rigid or strict person but rather as a principled man or woman and everyone admires a principled person.

With that being said it doesn’t mean you should go about disrespecting other people’s boundaries too. You need to respect them. The last thing you would want to do in the workplace is to be branded as a nosey person.

3. Avoid unproductive conversation.

They are those in the workplace who really have nothing important to do. The least opportunity they get they are actively engaging in unproductive convos and gossiping about others.

The lowest you can stoop in the workplace is to gossip about others and spread untrue rumours. The very people you are having this kind of engagement with now regard you as one of them therefore they wont see the need to address you as they see fit.

Indeed you cannot have control over what people do at the workplace and you wouldn’t want to look like the self-absorbed anti-social co-worker and therefore be measured in the kind of conversations you have with your colleagues.

4. Complete every task assigned to you on time and avoid any situations that will give your superiors the opportunity to rebuke you, especially in the presence of other coworkers.

As an employee, you should know that your main purpose at work is to meet your employers requirement, as such it should be your top most priority.

When you carry out every task assigned to you, you win the respect and admiration of your boss. Having your boss place confidence and respect in you automatically creates this aura of seriousness around you.

5. Mind your business.

Minding your business is the number one rule to avoid disrespect from anyone. You are deemed focused when you learn to mind your own business. You also avoid a lot of trouble by minding your business.

Whenever you put your nose where it shouldn’t be and you get slammed by your coworkers for it you lose 25% of your respect.

6. Never mix work with pleasure.

No one can decide who you entangle with, but in most workplaces, romantic relationships are discouraged. If you manage to sneak and have an affair with coworkers, you should know that you automatically warrant that person to treat you as they want.

Let’s say you are a highly respected person at the workplace but you try to engage (Abigail) in the workplace. Now she’s seen everything underneath including all your weaknesses. Abigail isn’t just the only person that knows your weakness she has told all her other friends at the workplace.

That’s how rumours spread at the workplace and that is the last thing that you would want to happen to you at work.

In conclusion, to command respect at the workplace you always need to stay positive. Whatever you won’t be happy with when done to you, don’t do it to others.

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