Don’t invite these five (5) categories of people to your wedding.

Weddings are special occasions that most times require a lot of planning. Anything that needs planning comes with some variables that are out of control.

If you have been wondering whom you should and shouldn’t invite to your wedding then this is it. Below are five types of people you shouldn’t invite to your wedding:

1 . Exes

Your wedding ceremony should be the happiest day of your life. Therefore it doesn’t make complete sense to entertain anything or anyone that would likely ruin that day for you. You may have a great relationship with your ex which is fine but out of respect for your partner, don’t invite your EX. He or she could spring up a surprise last minute that could ruin your marriage forever. Not everyone would be happy knowing that the last guy or lady that slept with their soon-to-be is present on such a special day.

If you have decided to embark on a journey with your partner then you don’t have to keep looking in the side mirror. Your ex is your past and if they were any better like your soon-to-be wife or husband they would be the one you are marrying.

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2. People Who weren’t in support of your relationship

Trust me you don’t want these kinds of people at your wedding. The bad energy they bring is too much and if you are someone that believes in omens and energies as I do then you’ll realise that a lot of small things would go wrong on that day. It could be something as small as a power outage or worse, some kid tipping over your wedding cake.

Don’t invite such people if you want a great wedding day. Most of the time they are up to no good. They would probably sit, enjoy your food and even criticise how bad it is. I can’t take such disrespect and I know you can’t.

3. Troublesome former classmates or roommate.

We all had that loud, troublesome classmate that goes about teasing and making fun of practically everything.

That’s the one person you shouldn’t entertain at your wedding. If you would then avoid them at all costs.

Weddings are moments to share joy and love with those we care about, but just imagine this loud troublesome classmate or roommate talking about stuff you found too embarrassing to share in front of your wife or husband, her family and yours. Just imagine how you would feel that day.

If it’s even possible to send an uninvitation card to that dude then do it cos you don’t want drama. Such people are dramatic and draw attention to them everywhere they go.

4. Coworkers who aren’t in your innermost circle.

There are acquaintances we form at the workplace but not all of them are necessary. There’ll be those we are closest to. They are the ones we should share our happy moments with.

Your wedding is likely going to be a disaster if you invite every coworker. You can’t tell the number of plus ones they will be coming with. There will be food and space shortages if you don’t plan carefully.

Most of these co-workers aren’t precisely there to celebrate with you but to get another topic for their gossip.

5. That Nosy Antie or relative who always compared you to her kids.

If you have such a relative just know that they are coming to assess and give scores to your wedding. You will hear of things you should have done that you didn’t and a whole lot. They will even question every detail meanwhile they didn’t contribute a pesewa.

These are the five kinds of people you should avoid on your wedding day. It’s your day and it has to be special. The baseline is, you have to avoid any form of negativity on that day.

If you find yourself in any of these categories then my advice for you is to change because it can be very irritating.

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