She used HIV as an excuse to leave me, Who does that?

We met at a wedding and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I mastered the courage to approach her when she was about to leave the program. She was very welcoming and easy-going so we exchanged contacts. For the next few days, we would talk nonstop and hang out often. I was single and so was she.

I fell in love and asked her to be my girlfriend which she happily agreed to. The times we spent together were some of the best days of my life. Everything about our relationship was on point. We communicated well, the vibe was always there and she knew how to treat a man well.

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We became that serious and I wanted to make her my wife by the end of the year but I realised my seriousness about us didn’t move her. On several occasions, I asked to meet her family because I had already introduced her to mine. She always came up with one excuse after the other. I never gave up.

I managed to go to her house uninvited one day, and that was when I met her mother. The woman was very cold towards me and my woman also lost it. I could feel the fury in her eyes when I introduced myself to her mother as her boyfriend.

No one asked me to leave, I quietly entered my car and drove away. For the next few days, she wouldn’t return my calls or reply to my messages. I was really confused and had my own suspicions but I needed answers from her badly.

I got a late-night text from her weeks after the incident which read ” Please forgive me I cheated on you” I called as soon as I saw the message. I wanted her back at all cost so I forgave her and told her we could still make it work. Call me a Simp, I wasn’t ready to let go. Even when I had forgiven her for cheating on me she still didn’t seem ok.

The next few days were tricky. She always had an excuse whenever I asked to see her and deep within me I knew something was off. We would only talk on the phone.

One morning she complained about being sick and wanted to go to the hospital. I offered to escort her but she refused. Later in the day she called and asked if we could talk. I stepped out of my office so I could talk to her. On the phone, she said in a somewhat fake teary voice ” I am HIV positive”. I knew in my gut that she was lying to me.

At this point, I got the message loud and clear. She just wanted to push me away. I knew she wanted to call the relationship off and didn’t know how to. There was no way I was going to want to spend my life with someone with HIV but I taunted her and insisted I would still be with her regardless and that there were safer ways we could still be married. That didn’t sit well with her too.

From that day she blocked me on all social media platforms and wouldn’t pick up my calls. After all the months of this on-and-off relationship, I had toughened up and decided to move on.

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A few days later a close mutual friend of hers sent me a picture of her prewedding photoshoot and flier. I wasn’t surprised at all because I sensed that was coming. She asked if we could talk and we did. That was when she revealed to me that all the while we were together she was being sponsored through school by one Alhaji. The same man she was about to get married to.

Everything made sense after my conversation with her friend. Her mother was not in support of my relationship with her because she knew what was going on. She didn’t want anything serious with me.

For the next few days, I was bitter and thought of crushing the wedding but no true gentleman would stoop that low. I wish her the best. But who uses HIV as an excuse to break up with someone?

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