My pastor packaged one of her side chicks for me; we can’t get intimate without his approval.

On our wedding night, I slept without getting any action. This was because my wife whom I had wedded both traditionally and in church was giving me a long list of excuses. She wasn’t a virgin so I didn’t understand why she seemed uncomfortable consummating the marriage.

Throughout our honeymoon, she would only allow cuddling but as soon as I made a move she would start behaving like she had seen a ghost. The painful and disastrous honeymoon ended sooner

We moved into our home to start married. My wife has all the good qualities that any man would desire. She is compassionate, Understanding and very supportive. The only question mark about our marriage was her lack of interest in sex.

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It got to a point where we had to argue over this topic and on some days she would only allow me to sleep with her because she felt bad for me. It always felt like I was forcing her to do something she wasn’t comfortable with.

Monica is a very prayerful woman. It was one of those thing that attracted me to her the most. I agreed to wait until marriage when she insisted but little did I know I was in for a surprise.

My wife’s lack of interest in the act has been driving me insane because from what I hear other married people have the most fun during the first few years of their marriage so why is mine any different?

I couldn’t bear it anymore so I confided in our pastor since he is the one person we both respected. He was also the one who facilitated our relationship.

The pastor and “counsellor” after hearing my side of the story assured me that he would talk to her for me. Indeed he spoke to her and it worked like magic. My wife started opening up and peace reigned in my household again.

The joy and happiness lasted only for a short while and we were back to square one. She started acting up again and being distant whenever I initiated sex. There wasn’t much I could do again but wait and hope she comes around.

When I joined the church of which my wife was already a member, I heard rumours of her affair with the pastor but I never heeded those rumours. I did ask her about it and she assured me there was nothing to be worried about and that those rumours stem from the close relationship she has with the pastor.

Just recently such rumours popped up again so I decided to take things a step further and start invading her privacy. It was just a wild thought I pursued.

One thing I noticed when I pried her phone was there wasn’t a single message from our pastor which made me very suspicious. I can bet on my life that they often exchange messages.

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I hacked her WhatsApp so I could see her chats live. Weeks passed and still not a single message from the pastor. I was beginning to let my guard down and stop invading her privacy when I had a crazy thought.

I sent a message with her WhatsApp account to our pastor while she was sleeping.

“Hello baby, I miss you so much I can’t wait to be in your arms” I texted. I knew she would be very mad at me if she found out but I had to take the risk. I had already thought of an excuse in case I turned out to be wrong.

Lo and behold he replied, ” I am not in the mood for this Monica, you promised you wouldn’t have sex with him just let me be”. I can’t even explain how I felt when I saw that message. It wasn’t enough proof so from that day onwards I used her WhatsApp account whenever she went to bed to gather more evidence.

Now I have come to believe all the other rumours I’ve heard about this pastor.

Now I am at a crossroads and I’m confused about whether to confront her or use what I have gathered about their affair to seek a divorce. I can’t believe my pastor packaged one of his side chicks for me. All this while I thought I was married to a saint.

We are expecting a baby and I am seriously doubting the paternity because I can count the number of times we had sex on one hand. It is eating me up and I don’t even know the right way to handle this situation.

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