The real reason why most relationship issues start after 2 years.

A question that I often get asked from young couples is why most relationship issues start after 2 years. There is no fixed time after which relationship problems start because it varies for different relationships. However, it is quite common to meet couples who have been together for over two years and have issues.

There are several reasons why relationship issues start after 2 years here are a few of them.

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1. The New Relationship Euphoria Is Wearing Off

At the start of every relationship, you find yourself in a state of love euphoria. simply put you are high on love. You tend to be blind to your partner’s faults and shortcomings because of the butterflies you feel in your stomach and your emotions also run high until you realize later when the euphoria starts to wear off.

That phase of the relationship is what we often refer to as the “honeymoon period.” It’s a phase that doesn’t last forever because sooner or later your partner’s faults come glaring in your face and you are left with the decision to accept them or complain.

The complaints will then start the relationship issues.

What do you do then?

First of all, you have to communicate openly and share your feelings and desires.

Secondly, now would be the best time to focus on creating new experiences like date nights and other interesting activities.

2. Trust Issues Start Creeping In

Why do most relationship issues start after 2 years?

After two years of being together facing trust issues is quite common because by then both of you are aware of each other’s past experiences, and insecurities and have had some challenges with communication. If care is not taken it could break your relationship.

Trust is one of the main reasons why most relationship issues start after 2 years or more. The best thing you can do to minimize or at best avoid such problems is to be as transparent as possible to each other and patiently allow trust to build. In worst-case scenarios, you could talk to a relationship coach.

Keep in mind that no relationship is perfect and at times reaching out to an expert will solve 90% of your problems as a couple

3. Different life goals.

When it is the start of a new relationship, there are so many things we don’t pay attention to one of them being our varying life goals. In the beginning, we are filled with high emotions and we tend to believe that we could easily compromise for our partners.

It takes a while to realize we are being impractical because compromising for the other would cost us missing out on our life goals. If one partner has done so already they tend to feel trapped and in some cases blame and resent the other.

The way forward is to have an open discussion and if possible agree to meet each other halfway.

4. Compatibility Issues Surface

It’s also hard to notice, or at least to take notice, of compatibility issues when the relationship is new. Given time, those compatibility issues become much more obvious and may start causing friction.

By the 2-year mark, it’s a lot more apparent which compatibility issues you can work around and those that you can’t. Working this out together as a couple can be tough but where there is a will there’s a way.

The way forward would be to focus on building emotional intimacy or seek counseling.

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