Four (4) Ways Bad Ways Women Destroy Good Men in a Relationship

Many things destroy men, and women are a part of them. It goes both ways but in this article, we will explore Four Ways Women Destroy Good Men in a Relationship

Men are wired in such a way that they often exhibit a strong desire for connection and companionship, seeking meaningful relationships and shared experiences throughout their lives. That being said, how you act towards him goes a long way to affect his emotions and thinking process.

Oftentimes society regards men as the stronger sex. That may be true to some extent but emotionally and mentally we can be as fragile as women which means how you talk to a man can bruise his ego and ultimately destroy his personality.

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There are several ways that Ways Women Destroy Good Men and here are four of them

1. Not Appreciating Your Man

When your man is in love with you, he often has an innate desire to please you by doing everything possible to make you happy. However, when appreciation is not shown for The efforts put into making your life a bit easier he begins to question his purpose and wonders if anything he does is good enough.

Make it a point to appreciate his efforts no matter how small they seem. If you are not pricked to appreciate him at least don’t discourage him or talk down on him.

2. Talking to him like a child:

Four Ways Women Destroy Good Men
Four Ways Women Destroy Good Men

Both men and women dislike being treated like children but the effect is much more impactful on men. This is because they like to be in control so treating him like a child undermines his capabilities and bruises his ego.

Occasionally your man may struggle to get certain things right as you may want. It doesn’t warrant you treating him like a child, especially in front of others. You can suggest and advice without making him feel out of control.

3. Exposing his weakness.

When it comes to men they are naturally not predisposed to opening up and expressing how they feel. In talking they might end up exposing their weaknesses.

Only a few can feel vulnerable enough around their women to open up and end up communicating their weaknesses. If he ever shared or admitted his weaknesses around you then he really trusts you.

Exposing those weaknesses will only break his trust and crush his soul. this should be top of the list of Ways Women Destroy Good Men.

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4. Not trusting in their abilities.

Four Ways Women Destroy Good Men

Men like to explore and put their abilities to the test. They are born natural leaders which means they expect some degree of trust in what they do.

You can decide not to trust his abilities but don’t go rubbing it in his face. This will crush his confidence.

Learn to use positive words to encourage him especially when he is trying new things that gives him a sense of value and reassures them that their abilities are needed.

In conclusion, we are all different in our ways and what works for you might not work for me. some men will be ok dealing with everything you throw at them others won’t.

You would notice that the Ways Women Destroy Good Men centers mainly on what you say and much less on what you do.

This should tell you that your words alone carry much importance.

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