Nigel Gaisie slept with my girlfriend- Nana Romeo makes a shocking revelation.

Almost three years after claims that Prophet Nigel Gaisie snatched the girlfriend of Nana Romeo, the radio presenter has broken the silence on what led to the incident he described as “unfortunate and shocking”.

Nana Romeo confirmed claims that Nigel Gaisie had an affair with his (Romeo) girlfriend and admitted to feeling pained whenever he thinks about the incident.

In June 2020, actress and comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger made some wild allegations against the man of God claiming that the reason why Nana Romeo’s relationship soured was that Nigel Gaisie had an affair with his wife.

Afia is quoted to have said “In one of her rants, she emitted: “What did he (Nigel Gaisie) do to your wife? We also have facts, we warned you, you didn’t listen, you see your stubbornness?”

The claims by Afia were not addressed by Nana Romeo at the time. The broadcaster kept mute until just recently he opened up about his ordeal in an interview with Stacy Amoateng.

The broadcaster recalled how got close to the man of God and even ended up losing his girlfriend to him.

See the Interview Below:

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“When Ebony died, I called Nigel because I had seen a video of his prophecy about the incident. He wasn’t popular but the interview shot him to fame so we became friends. I booked musicians to perform at his church,” Nana Romeo recalled in the Twi language.

“One holiday, I decided to go out with my girlfriend. The lady had been good to me. She bought a car for me, rented an apartment for me and I told him all the good things the lady had done for me. I don’t know if that was what enticed him.

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“The lady and I were about to go to the beach to enjoy the holiday when Nigel called me on the phone that he needed me to check out something for him so I should come over. That was when I introduced the lady to him.

“Later, he started texting the lady, going out on lunch dates. So, his junior pastors were shocked and surprised at his actions and they called me and told me about it.

“One day, I went to his house. They didn’t grant me access; he called the security personnel to tell me he was not around. Later, he called to apologise about the act and claimed he didn’t know what came over him. The thought of this hurts me so much,” Nana Romeo narrated.

Nana Romeo captioned a snippet of his interview he shared on his Instagram “This is how Nigel Gaisie destroyed my relationship. I decided not to comment on the issue but I finally had to”

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