Nigerian actress mistaken for Harold Amenyah’s wife reacts to trending photos.

Photos of Harold Amanyeh’s wife started trending all over social media after some netizens in their opinion mocked the actor’s bride over one photo that didn’t fully highlight her beauty. Bongo Ideas being one of the few who share in this opinion didn’t hesitate to call out the actor for marrying someone whose attractiveness didn’t match his.

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In a bid to prove that Harold’s wife was indeed beautiful, some netizens dug up photos which they alleged to be the real no-make-up photo of Irene. Many believed it to be true but in an interesting turn of events, the real person in the photo shared isn’t Harold’s wife.

It happens to be the photo of one Nigerian actress that goes by the name Yetunde Gold. The Nigerian actress reacted to the stories trending in Ghana. She tweeted “I heard I am trending in Ghana.”

She later shared photos of Harold and his wife and captioned it ““See why I am trending in Ghana. God abeg oooo. God Abeg ooo, I am not married. That is not me in Jesus name. I woke up to see myself on almost all the blogs in Ghana. Wahala.”

Check Her Reaction Below:

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Harold Amanyeh’s wife Irene is no doubt very beautiful. After digging up videos of her on her special day we can attest that Harold has great taste in women. The photo shared earlier was merely as a result of a bad angle and no matter how she looks our opinions never matter.

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