Hajia Bintu Reveals How She Got Her Nickname and Huge Backside.

Ghanaian social media influencer and Tiktoker born Naomi Asiamah and popularly known as Hajia Bintu revealed how she got her nickname. As you guessed, she got the name Hajia Bintu because of her massive backside.

In an interview on the Delay Show, the socialite revealed that the nickname ‘Bintu’ was given to her by her male friend back in 2018. She added the Hajia to it because she liked it.

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“I used to be a waitress at Peduase. So, when he walked in, he saw me and said ‘you’re so beautiful. I would have called you Bintu if you were my wife’. I liked the name so I added ‘Hajia’ to it because I can’t call myself Bintu,” she said, stating that ‘Bintu’ means mother.

When asked by the Host whether her bum was all real, Hajia Bintu affirmed that she hasn’t gone under the knife. Delay further probed why it appears much bigger than before.

“You had some curves but they weren’t humongous as they are now. Now you have a huge butt,” Deloris Frimpong Manso, host of the show posited.

Bintu responded that she has always been thick and her pictures are testaments to that.

“As you grow, the body also does,” the socialite said on The Delay Show while refuting claims she used to be skinny. “If you take a look at my old pictures, I wasn’t skinny.”

Hajia Bintu Shot to fame when videos and pictures of her showcasing her monumental backside hit the internet. since making the limelight, she has been featured in music videos and TV series. Indeed what bottos can do degrees cannot do.

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