Mahama promises to pay GH¢1000 monthly to Assembly Men When Elected.

John Dramani Mahama, the flag bearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has emphasized exercising prudence in his pledges for the 2024 general elections due to the current state of Ghana’s economy.

Speaking during his campaign tour in Hohoe, Volta Region, Mahama expressed concern about the economic crisis under the New Patriotic Party administration.

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Acknowledging the challenges, Mahama promised transparency by revealing the nation’s financial state and pledged to address economic issues if elected.

He highlighted his measured approach to making promises, taking into account the economic challenges the country faces.

“…I am being very measured in the promises that I make because we all know the crisis in which this country has been plunged [into]. We will show you the books and finances of this country, and you will realise the harm that the New Patriotic Party administration has done this country, the economy is broke”, he stated.

During his two-day tour, Mahama outlined specific promises for the next NDC government. Notably, he committed to providing monthly allowances of GH¢1,000 to all Assembly members, estimating an annual cost of GH¢80 million.

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To fund these allowances, Mahama proposed reducing the President’s office expenditure, emphasizing the need for financial responsibility in addressing the nation’s economic situation.

He pointed out that the President’s office budget alone exceeds GH¢2 billion, and the reduction would contribute to financing the proposed Assembly members’ allowances.