Ghana Launches Integrated Payroll System to Combat Ghost Workers and Enhance Transparency

Ghana Launches Integrated Payroll System- Bawumia

The government of Ghana has launched a fully automated system linking the national payroll with the Ghana Card database, making the use of the Ghana Card mandatory for recruits, re-verification of existing employees, and pensioners on the government’s payroll system.

The integration aims to combat the longstanding issue of ghost workers on the payroll, which has been a costly problem for the government.

Vice-President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, who launched the system, emphasized that the new system leverages digitalization to fight corruption, exposing discrepancies quickly through an interoperable ecosystem.

He described the presence of ghost workers on the payroll as a form of corruption that has been a significant financial burden for the government.

“if you look at the entire public sector with a payroll getting to a million, you will have a major problem in terms of the loss of funds that we are seeing for this practice.”

“It is for this reason that over the last few years, my office has been engaged with the CAGD to find a better way of combating payroll fraud through the phenomenon of ghost workers,” He said.

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The integration involves validating employees’ Ghana Card information in real-time, with biometric verification for new entrants before they receive their first salary.

Existing staff without NIA numbers on the payroll must register at the NIA office to be captured into the system. The linkage between the NIA database and the government payroll is expected to eliminate ghost names and contribute to payroll system efficiency.

The Controller and Accountant-General, Kwasi Kwaning-Bosompem, highlighted the benefits of the integration, including the elimination of ghost names, redirection of funds to critical areas, increased payroll efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

He urged all government employees to obtain their national identification cards, emphasizing that effective March, those without the Ghana Card would not be paid. The new system is expected to ensure that only legitimate employees receive their rightful remuneration, contributing to the broader commitment to good governance.

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Source: Graphic Online