Ghanaians were reluctant to step forward as spokespersons for the New Force – Cheddar

The Face Behind the New Force Movement Nana Kwame Badiako popularly known as Cheddar made intricating some claims regarding the selection process for a Spokesperson for the group.

According to the Ghanaian Multi-Millionaire and presidential hopeful, No Ghanaian was willing to represent the New Force as a spokesperson out of fear.

He revealed that he faced some challenges getting a Ghanaian face to represent his movement. According to Cheddar despite reaching out to several Ghanaians, none were willing to openly represent the New Force Movement; instead, they preferred to remain anonymous. 

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Cheddar in all his bravery chose to tease his intention to run for president behind a mask.

Speaking in an interview on TV3 today, January 11th, Cheddar revealed that he had no option but to opt for the Belgian national, Shalimar Abbuisi because no Ghanaian was willing to step forward.

“In the beginning of the New Force with the mask and everything, we have been speaking to people, so many people to join us. But, today I want to tell the nation that we tried so many people to be the spokesperson, but they were all scared and didn’t want to use their faces,” he said.

Speaking about the incident regarding Shalimar’s arrest and repatriation, he highlighted that she had been in Ghana and working with GH One for over three years without encountering any issues with the Ghana Immigration Service.

Nana Kwame Badiako wondered why she would only be picked up by the Immigration Service only after becoming the spokesperson for the New Force Movement.

He clarified that he met Ms. Abbiusi through Member of Parliament (MP) for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, during a donation to flood victims in Mepe in the Volta Region.

Ms. Abbiusi was repatriated from Ghana in December 2023 by the Ghana Immigration Service.

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In a statement, the GIS explained that Ms. Abbuisi’s residence permit was revoked by the Comptroller-General of Immigration, leading to her removal from the country. This action was based on Section 20 (2)(a) of the Immigration Act, 2000, which empowers the authorities to revoke permits obtained through fraudulent means.

The GIS investigation found that Ms. Abbuisi secured a student permit through “fraudulent misrepresentation,” justifying her removal under the aforementioned Act.

Despite the GIS’s legal justification for their action, Cheddar claims that the service was unable to produce the alleged forged documents of Ms Abbiusi.

“The Ghana Immigration Service could not provide the forged documents of Shalimar Abbisusi,” Nana Kwame Bediako said.

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