I will be happy if God ends my life- Evangelist Suro Nyame

Street preacher popularly known as Evangelist Suro Nyame has recently shared a statement on social media that has left people wondering what could be going through the evangelist’s mind.

In his post, he expressed a desire for God to take his life at this moment, stating that he was tired.

It is unclear what could prompt the preacher to make such a statement on social media. Netizens expressed worry about suicide on the path of the evangelist.

The evangelist who has 200K plus followers on Facebook received words of encouragement from his fans.

For those who don’t know the man of God, he is a young man who has adopted some unconventional personality to preach the word of God to the Ghetto youth.

It is uncommon to see a preacher with some dreadlocks but that is the style of this man of God. His indebt knowledge of the scripture is also quite impressive.