19-year-old Nigerian Kills Colleague Ghanaian Teenager over drugs.

In a recent ruling, the Northampton Crown Court determined that Kwabena Osei-Poku, a Ghanaian student in the UK, was tragically murdered by his Nigerian colleague, Melvin Lebaga-Idubor.

The court convicted Lebaga-Idubor of both murder and possession of a knife, with sentencing taking place in January.

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The court learned that both Osei-Poku, 19, and Lebaga-Idubor, also 19, were students at Northampton University, engaging in drug peddling, specifically selling cannabis.

In April, Lebaga-Idubor and a fellow Nigerian, Ogechi Eke, deceived Osei-Poku into a drug deal, robbing him of £1,000 worth of stash and warning him against selling drugs in their territory.

Unaware of the plot, Osei-Poku pursued the duo to reclaim his drugs, leading to a tragic incident where Lebaga-Idubor stabbed him twice in the neck.

Despite being rushed to the hospital, Osei-Poku succumbed to his injuries. CCTV footage revealed Melvin seeking medical assistance in the aftermath of the stabbing.

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Following a six-week trial, the court found Lebaga-Idubor guilty of murder and possession of a knife, while Eke was acquitted of all charges, including an additional manslaughter charge.

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