Six (6) signs your relationship is failing.

Building and sustaining a relationship can sometimes be a lot of work. They aren’t as straightforward and simple as many believe them to be. At times two people who are meant to be together can equally mess up just as much as two people who aren’t supposed to be together.

Getting it right has a lot more to do with the kind of foundation on which the relationship was built and not solely on the effort each partner puts in.

There are moments when it would be pointless to keep fighting to sustain your relationship. In such situations, the best thing to do would be to let go.

When you see any of these six signs in your relationship then it is time you let go and moved on:

1. Conversations are shorter and often turn into arguments:

There was a time in your relationship when you both communicated and understood each other no matter your different perspectives, but now you no longer have this kind of connection. This should tell you that you are on the onset of ending the relationship soon. When your partner loses interest in whatever you have to say and would rather find a way to keep the conversation short then it means he or she is just not interested in your life or anything that has to do with it. When you notice that all the effort you are putting in amounts to nothing then it’s time to move on.

2. There is too much insecurity on your path or your partners:

Six (6) signs your relationship is failing.

When you become too much insecure in a relationship then it is two things, Either your partner gives you countless reasons to feel insecure or you deep down do not feel worthy enough of their love and trust. A little insecurity here and there is ok but when it’s too much then there is a problem. Insecurity is one of the fastest ways to breed toxic relationships. As much as possible expel it from within if you are the party feeling insecure. If it is your partner that feels it then assure them constantly of your love and commitment to them. Sometimes, your instincts which may or may not be right is what make you feel insecure.

3. You go days or weeks without hearing from each other, especially after a fight:

Believe it or not, it is not OK to go days without hearing from the person you love unless under some exceptional circumstances. You can easily tell how long a relationship would last based on how soon couples make up after an unavoidable misunderstanding. If you manage to go to bed holding grudges against your partner then you guys are heading straight for a breakup. When this happens over a long time you build some kind of wall between the two of you. Over time you will become used to going days without talking to each other. It is only a matter of time before you or both of you might be seeking attention or entertaining it from someone else.

4. Frequent involvement of third parties in a relationship, especially exes:

Six (6) signs your relationship is failing.
Six (6) signs your relationship is failing.

Your partner for some reason started entertaining an ex, it either means she’s not finding what she seeks in the relationship or you’re pushing her into the arms of her ex. Some people are still friends with their exes, which isn’t a big deal, but if your partner wasn’t that type, however, he or she changed, you should be worried because that ex knows all the right buttons to press to kill your relationship.

If there are so many third parties getting involved in your relationship then you should know that you are both compromised and will the likelihood of taking opinions from outsiders is high.

5. Feeling Emotionally drained Always:

If your relationship starts to drain you emotionally then it’s time to consider moving on. Being emotionally drained stems from frustration and frustration from a lack of appreciation. You do not want that.

6. When you don’t see yourself in his or her future plans:

If someone loves you they’ll constantly assure you of your place in their future. If your significant other talks about goals that are all about themselves then you should start trusting your instincts because you are being warned that the relationship is going nowhere.

In conclusion, all relationships have their ups and down however how you recover from the lows is what counts. You cannot avoid fights either but if communication doesn’t fix the problem then nothing will.

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