23 Relationship Red Flags You Have Chosen to Ignore.

Some relationship red flags are determinants of a bad relationship heading toward a disastrous breakup or divorce. This is a tall list of all such relationship red flags to help you make a guided decision about the next stage of your relationship.

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1 When he or she compares you to her ex or anyone

Being compared to anyone is a buzzkill and even more so when it comes from someone you expect to have your back. It only means that in their mind you are inadequate and nothing you do can erase the preconception that their ex is better than you are. Walk away from the relationship ASAP

2 A petty partner

If you go into a relationship with someone who is too petty then get ready to fight and argue always because Peace will be far from you. We are humans and a little pettiness is understandable. However when it’s too much coming from your partner then you should abandon ship.

3 Reminds you of what he or she has done for you when arguing –

The chunk part of a relationship is about compromising for each other. In the heat of an argument, we may see things that we don’t mean. If you meet a partner who refers you to all the good he or she has done for you only when you are arguing then it means they didn’t do it from their heart in the first place and secondly, they are not kind.

Flee from such entanglement because it is only a matter of time before they ask for the material things they gave to you. Respect yourself and save your face from such disrespect before it is too late

4. They Don’t Like Your Friends or Family –

To some extent, you are a reflection of your friends or family. If your partner dislikes your friends it is a red flag. It means there is a version of you they don’t like and because they see that in your friends they won’t like them. With you, they can pretend to like that version of you but when it comes to your friends they can’t pretend.

5. He or She has Daddy or Mommy Issues.

This is one of the red flags you have chosen to ignore. A partner with mommy or daddy issues comes into the relationship with a certain expectation. They expect to enjoy the benefits of having a present parent.

When their expectations aren’t met you suddenly become the bad one. You better not ignore her feelings even for a second. If you want to work it out with them then better go for some therapy.

6. Envious of your small wins –

If you have a partner who isn’t always happy when you move a step up in your life then that is a red flag. They will intentionally avoid congratulating you because to them you are a competition. Couples need to form a united front to face life.

7. Tall list of Exes or Body count. –

If he or she has a long list of body counts That is a big fat red flag. This is because your weaknesses are easily brought to bear. The disparity in your sexual, emotional, and spiritual experience is just too huge to risk being in a relationship with them. This red flag is quite biased against women but it can equally be unfavorable to a man.

8. Has a history of cheating –

You might want to know his or her past because it shapes who we become. If your partner has a history of cheating then who are you to not be cheated on when she doesn’t get her needs met? It would be better to go for one that walked away from a relationship that she didn’t need than to go for one that cheated.

9. Absolutely No interests in common –

If you and your partner do not have interests in common then give yourselves 5 years maximum. Common interests spark up conversations which helps couples also create memories.

10. Intellectual Mismatch-

We have all encountered a situation where we are misunderstood because the message we conveyed wasn’t understood how we expected it to be understood. This is a close analogy. It is even more painful when it comes from your partner. A big red flag which will start a lot of argument

11. Controlling Partner-

The last thing you would want is to end up with someone who wants to control everything you do. It can be suffocating. Over time you would start resenting yourself and regretting giving up your freedom to marry a controlling partner. You can avoid this situation now by walking away.

12. Manipulating Behaviour –

Some people are masters at this. They have a way of making you feel bad for something they did. If they quickly play the victim when you see through their curtains you better run away. You will spend the rest of your life being emotionally manipulated. People who go through that are often not happy.

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13. Consistent Criticisms –

If they find faults with everything you do then you are with the wrong person. Some criticisms help us to be better but not when it is coming all the time. You will begin to doubt yourself and always feel you aren’t enough.

14. Religious or Political Incompatibility.

People’s beliefs form a core part of who they are. If you are religiously and politically incompatible then you should be ready to argue a lot in the relationship.

It is possible to have different political parties and still be incompatible politically. Political incompatibility means when two or more people cannot tolerate each other’s views.

15. Insensitive Partner

If you have an insensitive partner then you should know that you are often going to be misunderstood. You would expect them to respond to your feelings in a certain way to you but they would rather respond to you differently. Which is just going to lead to resentment and feelings of regret.

16. Unsupportive partner.

The last thing you would want is someone who doesn’t support your ideas and contributes nothing positive to your life. It is different of they don’t have the means to support you.

18. If you have to conform in a certain way to fit in her circle.

Do you have to pretend to fit in their circle when you go to a function with them? especially when their friends or family are around. This is a huge red flag and a clear indication that you are not compatible with them.

It is even worse when they have to tell you to act in a certain way around their people. One quick way to tell that you are not fit to be in their circle is when they act completely differently around you. They are all goofy with you when you are alone and suddenly they change toward you when you are in public with them

19. Unreliable Partner.

An unreliable partner will stand you up. They will disappoint you too often. This is because your needs don’t matter to them and their selfish nature doesn’t allow them to compromise for you. This is a sign that your relationship with him or her is in the red zone.

20. A blabbermouth (Partner who likes talking too much)

Generally speaking, people who talk too much are bad at relationships. They can’t keep secrets and will sometimes say things they aren’t supposed to say.

This is another relationship red flag that is often ignored. If you are the type that needs a partner you can confide in then don’t go in for a talkative.

21. Vengeful by nature

Another Relationship Red flag often overlooked is that of a vengeful partner. This kind of person finds it hard to forgive and woe betide you if you offend them. They will find a way to make sure you pay.

22. Procrastinator

If you are with a procrastinator then I can tell you for a fact that you both won’t get anything done, especially if you are one yourself. You need someone who is going to push you to get things done for your personal growth as well as theirs.

If you don’t have someone that pushes you to be your best then you are going to be quite stagnant in life for a very long time. Procrastination can itself be contagious.

23. Unmatching Sexual Energy.

This is the final and most important relationship red flag that kills relationships sooner. The bulk part of your dating life will revolve around sex. If you meet a partner who isn’t in the mood all the time, rarely initiates sex, or gets creative in the bedroom then be ready to experience a super boring relationship.

If you are the type that likes to get busy then go in for a partner that wants it as much as you do.

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Relationships can be a lot of work even with the right partner. Being with the wrong one is even worse. In as much as these relationship red flags are from people’s experiences, they may or may not reflect what might be happening with your partner.

These are signs that are often overlooked so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Thanks for your audience and don’t forget to share with others.