Twelve 12 Home Workout Exercises for Women- No Equipment.

When it comes to losing weight exercise plays a very important role. There are numerous ways to work out. You have the option of hitting the gym or working out at home at your convenience. This article sheds light on Twelve Home Workout Exercises for Women that require no equipment.

Why Home Workout Exercises for Women

Today’s woman has a lot on her plate to deal with. She has to juggle her activities at home and also at work. This put a ton of pressure on her. For some women, they are unable to find the time nor the energy to hit the gym or go for morning runs.

Also, investing in expensive equipment might be a burden which is why we have listed some Twelve 12 Home Workout Exercises for Women that require no equipment.

Cardiovascular Exercises

The purpose of cardiovascular activity is to raise your heart rate and increase oxygen and blood flow throughout the body. Aside from increasing your heart strength it also clears your veins and arteries and boosts your mood.

1. Jumping Jacks.

This is one of the best Home Workout Exercises for Women because it targets every part of your body and also has the added advantage of improving your coordination. focus on doing at least 5 to 10 reps. This should also be your favorite if you wish to lose weight.

Home Workout Exercises for Women

2 Skipping Rope.

With even a cheap rope or wire you could do this in any small space in your house. Skipping is one of the exercises that help to blast off excess calories. Although an effective workout routine it is not recommended for people with arthritis and people with tender joints.

In such situations be careful not to jump too high as to hurt your joints on impact.

Home Workout Exercises for Women

Strength training Exercises

3. Squats

This is one of the safest yet effective ways to work out at home. It is recommended for anyone but for women it has the additional benefit of building your lower body and hips. It also reduces back pain when done properly.

4. Lunges

This type of strength training exercise puts your body in great shape and helps you get the butt you’ve always wanted without going under the knife. It helps build strength in your lower body, increase core strength and muscle tissue

5. Push-ups

While training your lower body don’t forget to train your upper body. push-ups are one of the effective ways to achieve that. It’s suitable for both men and women.

Resistance Training Exercises

6. Tricep Extensions

If you cannot access dumbells to do this you can try with any type of weight at home. Also, you can use the push-up technique to work those triceps.

Core strengthening exercises

7. Planks

The good thing about planks is they don’t require you to have access to much space. It helps you maintain a good posture and strengthen your back as well.

8. Crunches.

As part of Home Workout Exercises for Women, crunches will help you tone your muscles and build core strength so you can look your very best in your clothes. This is one of the most recommended workout routines for women.

9. Bicycle crunches

Just like regular crunches, this will also help you build your core. If you put in the effort hard enough you would be rewarded with some six-packs to flex.

Flexibility and mobility exercises

10. Yoga.

This is one of the best ways to improve your flexibility and mobility. It has the additional advantage of helping you to maintain a healthy hormonal balance and in some cases increases one’s sexual health.

11. Stretching.

As the name implies. It doesn’t require any form of equipment and even a child can do that. It improves your mood and in some cases eases the strain on some joints in your body.

12. Mobility drills

Lastly, you need to add some Thoracic spine extension, leg raises, deep squat rotations and Frog poses. This also helps with flexibility and eases pressure on one’s joints.

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The various types of Home Workout Exercises for Women are such that they do not require sophisticated equipment. All you need is a small space to carry them out.

If the goal is to lose weight or maintain a healthy body in general then these Home Workout Exercises for Women listed are definitely for you.

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