Ten (10) Signs you are just not compatible with your partner.

When it comes to compatibility between partners it goes beyond just their sickling status or some underlying health condition. It has a lot to do with the connection between two people and generally how each partner’s role in the relationship is defined.

This post answers the question, How can you tell if you are compatible with your partner? Let’s delve into the subtle Signs you are just not compatible with your partner.

Ten (10) Signs you are just not compatible with your partner

1. Unmatched sex drives

This is one of the most telling signs that you and your partner are incompatible. This is because sex plays a major part in every relationship. When both parties do not match on the same energy or it is of less interest to one party as it is to the other it sucks the life out of the relationship.

With time it leads to resentment causing one partner to feel insecure about themselves. Sex is also one way of communicating with your body. It bridges the gap and helps couples to resolve a lot of conflicts as well.

If you can match your partner’s sex drives then try your best or get help. But if you cant then there’s someone out there for you.

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2. You have different senses of humour.

Nothing feels awkward like telling a bad joke and receiving unpleasant reactions. This is the everyday story for couples who are in a relationship and have different senses of humour.

Signs you are just not compatible with your partner

You just don’t want to be that guy because it can be draining. I mean what is fun about a relationship if you both can’t talk freely, play freely and have a good laugh?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to change a person’s sense of humour but to hope and pray it changes for the better. It would be like forcing a horse to the river to drink.

3. No similar interests

Marriage or relationship is a commitment you enter with your partner and it’s expected that it would last a lifetime therefore it best you go into it with your friend.

Friendships in relationships are built based on trust and common interests that both parties share. If you are venturing into this commitment with someone who has very little to no interest in common with you then I can assure you that you both will be bored in the relationship sooner.

Having shared interests with your partner makes the relationship fun. Another added advantage is that it gives you two enough to talk about so there is never a dull moment.

4. Different intellectual levels.

This is also another very important factor in determining how compatible two people are in a relationship. When the intellectual levels do not match it breeds a lot of misunderstanding between couples.

Aside from the misunderstanding, unmatching intellectual levels means one party will not be able to relate well to how the other party expresses themselves.


5. Less intimacy

Signs you are just not compatible with your partner
Signs you are just not compatible with your partner

Intimacy is how two people in a relationship connect. It is one of the Signs you are just not compatible with your partner because you too will not be able to connect as a couple as it should be.

Over time one or both parties will completely lose interest in the desire to express intimacy. This is also one of the factors that causes couples to separate.

6. Different life goals

Everyone is entitled to set their own expectations and goals, and they shouldn’t necessarily be the same. But when one partner has goals completely different from the other or in the opposite direction there there is bound to be a lot of misunderstanding.

Couples can agree to disagree on some of these issues but when resolution is completely impossible then both of you are incompatible.

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7. They prefer friends over you

Sometimes it is comforting to know that you are special to someone and you mean that much to them, but it’s frustrating to feel like your partner is more comfortable being around his or her friends than you.

This is also one of the subtle Signs you are just not compatible with your partner. Unfortunately, it is one of the most ignored signs of all the ten. It becomes serious when you find yourself having to compete him or her for attention.

What’s worse is those guilty of the crime don’t even know they are choosing their friends over their partner and it’s seen in the little things.

8. Argue constantly

Relationship experts argue that arguments in a relationship can be healthy. However, it becomes a major problem when it is constant.

Signs you are just not compatible with your partner
Signs you are just not compatible with your partner

It simply means the two of you just have very different perspectives and understandings of things. If a couple are always on different pages in the relationship sometimes it is just an indication that the couple are not compatible.

You’d find out that oftentimes the reasons for the argument are baseless.

9 One or both partners feel unloved.

When it gets to a certain point in a relationship things begin to feel awkward when you begin to feel unloved. This is because the repeated cycle of your partner not getting things right starts taking a toll on your emotions.

It can be both ways. There are many reasons why one or both partners may feel unloved and incompatibility is one of them.

10. Different Ideas about money.

Money creates a lot of problems even between siblings so two people in a relationship are no exception. Because you and your partner come from different backgrounds you will likely share different opinions when it comes to managing your finances.

This triggers down to the roles you define for yourself in the relationship. When one person is making long-term plans with your finances while the other is making short-term plans there is always the possibility that you will both fight a lot, a sign of incompatibility.

It is important to note most of the fights in marriages are because of issues with shared responsibilities.

To conclude it is worth noting that there are a lot of signs that could point to the incompatibility in a relationship but here are a few of them. These signs you see in your partner may be indicative of something else and not necessaryly mean you are not compatible.