Ghanaians Reply to Hilda Baci over her comments about Ghanaian men.

The Ghana-Nigeria Jollof wars have taken a whole new step as the focus has shifted from who has the best Jollof to women’s preference for men.

This comes after former Guinness World Record Holder, Hilda Baci said in an interview that Ghanaian women prefer marrying Nigerian men because they are the best.

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The remark has sparked controversy and resentment among many Ghanaians and garnered some hilarious reactions on the internet.

Ghanaians on the internet are hitting back, claiming that Nigerian men in Ghana are only able to make ends meet by selling phone covers.

In the same interview, Hilda Baci shared her opinions about which of the two sister countries have the best jollof rice. According to the chef Ghana’s Jollof lacks flavour and even claimed to have competed against a colleague chef from Ghana in a jollof cooking contest and beat him.

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