World Bank Pulls out Funding in Uganda over Anti-LGBTQ law; President Museveni hits out at World Bank

  • President Museveni hits out at World Bank for Its Decision to pull out funding.
  • World Bank Pulled out funding in Uganda over Anti- Homosexuality Law
  • The President Has asserted that Ugandans will not be intimidated.
  • The country has faced lots of backlash since passing the law.
  • President Yoweri Museveni labeled WB “superficial and overbearing imperialist actors who lack a sense of boundaries.”

Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni, has once again hit back at the World Bank’s decision to withdraw funding, asserting that the organization is mistaken if it believes this action will intimidate Uganda.

In a statement shared on his social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) on Thursday, President Museveni strongly criticized the World Bank, labeling them as “superficial and overbearing imperialist actors who lack a sense of boundaries.”

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The recent suspension of financial aid to Uganda by the World Bank was because of the anti-homosexuality law that was passed in May, which contradicts the World Bank’s values.

This legislation has been met with global condemnation due to its severity, which includes harsh penalties such as imprisonment or even death for those involved in certain same-sex activities.

In response to the World Bank’s actions last week, President Museveni accused the organization of attempting to pressure Uganda into reversing the law through funding cessation. He, however, emphasized that Uganda’s progress would persist even without the financial support of the World Bank.

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Reiterating his stance on Thursday, President Museveni underscored that the withdrawn funding would not impede Uganda’s ongoing economic advancement. In an unexpected twist, he proposed that the World Bank’s drastic decision might inadvertently support Uganda’s endeavor to lower external debt and foster greater self-reliance.

While acknowledging that Uganda maintains relationships with various Western allies, President Museveni noted that these allies appeared apprehensive about continuing their support for the country.