Wife divorces her husband because his “tool” is too small; sends the case to Antie Naa.

A Ghanaian wife and mother of two has sought to divorce her husband because he isn’t packing the “tools” she wants. To make matters worse, her husband is also an under-one-minute man.

Atwima Mansah made these revelations during an appearance on Oyerepa FM’s Aunty Naa show. She however admitted that her husband despite all his “shortcummings” in bed is hardworking.

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She additionally confessed that her husband has built a house for her and their kids and also provided all their needs but unfortunately, he cannot make her happy in bed hence the reason behind her divorce from him.

When asked by the host the kind of manhood she prefers, she stated that she wants it big and long. Atwima also revealed that prior to getting married, she had been in a 6 years relationship with her ex who had the tools she wanted, hence her reason for comparing him to his husband.

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The husband who was seated by her during the interview remained speechless and embarrassed.

Watch the full video below:

What’s your take on this? is it a plausible reason to divorce a partner because of the size of their manhood?

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