Top Eleven(11) Effective Ways to Relieve Back Pain.

Top 10 ways of relieving back pain

Back Pain is one of the most common problems faced in today’s society due to the nature of work and change in our lifestyles. One out of ten people complain of experiencing back pain therefore it is no stranger to us.

It is essential to take some measures to live a pain-free and better life.

1. Being overweight doesn’t help your situation: Obesity is the leading cause of lower back pain, The extra weight puts pressure and stress on your back muscles and also causes swayback or hyperlordosis. It is essential to be in the right way to stay active in dealing with fewer problems. Losing weight should be considered the number one remedy for relieving back pain.

2. Stretching Often: Stretching your muscles, especially that of the spine is an essential element in most back pain relief therapies. The knee to chest exercise is also a usefel exercise which lengthens the lower back and relieves tension. Trunk rotations stretch works on pelvis abdomen and lower back muscles and relieves pain as well.

3. A bad or old mattress may cause a backache: Placing a pillow under the knees will help in preventing mattress backaches because they play a vital role in keeping the spinal alignment right. Avoid sleeping on your stomach without a pillow under your abdomen as this will add stress to your neck, thus it is essential to sleep with the right posture when you are prone to back pain problems.

4. Painkillers: In cases where back pain is acute, the pain can be relieved with painkillers and home remedies, but chronic pain lasting more than six months requires medication like muscle relaxants, painkillers or Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Certain antidepressants in low doses along with topical pain relievers are also recommended.

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5. Home remedies: Home remedies could help reduce the magnitude of pain; Like wearing shoes that only fit correctly to your feet reducing the strain on your back muscles, and getting proper sleep. Using arnica, a homoeopathic remedy applied directly on the skin to treat pain, also helps relieve back pain. Do not lift heavy objects. Using heating and cooling packs also helps in relieving back pain.

6. Supplements: There are many dietary supplements available for treating or reducing back pain. These include glucosamine and chondroitin. Omega-3 fatty acid, cancican all work well in relieving back pain.

7. Hot and Cold Therapy: It requires the use of ice packs wrapped in a towel directly to the aching area which lessens the blood flow and helps in reducing inflammation. It may also numb the site for the time being when suffering from intense pain. A hot pack of hot water bottles or any heated cloth works against stiff muscles so be careful not to use too hot or too cold as it may burn the skin.

8. Yoga: Yoga keeps the mind and body relaxed and active. You can fight against various conditions by doing rational yoga. It brings more awareness to your body and reduces the stress associated with it.

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9. Acupuncture: It involves the inserting of thin needles to pressure points. Bringing the energy flow back into balance and thus relieving the pain. Acupuncture lies among the most effective and safe therapies. You may require several sessions for your back pain to go away completely therefore, it has been an official method for treating both acute and chronic back pain.

10. See a therapist: When you’ve tried a bunch of home remedies but the pain persists or comes back. After some span, it’s time to see your therapist to check and diagnose you and recommend your medication along with the right therapy according to your condition. Don’t delay Seeing your doctor, It will only worsen the situation and lessen your mobility.

11. Find a good chair: Depending on what you do, you will likely be spending most of your time sitting. That is why it is important to find a good chair that helps you to relax and the same time eases the pressure on your spine and surrounding muscles. A lot of studies have shown that setting your chair at an angle of 135 degrees exerts the least pressure on your spine. Although not ideal in the workplace to incline your chair at an angle of 135, you should try to take breaks doing point 2 when sitting for long

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