Ten (10) early warning signs your relationship won’t last.

Ten (10) early warning signs your relationship won’t last.– It would be nice to have that superpower to be able to predict whether a relationship you just found yourself in would last or wouldn’t so we don’t end up wasting our time.

Unfortunately, no one has the ability to predict what will happen in the near future but we can rely on some signs to be able to safely make some necessary conclusions.

This article delves into Ten (10) early warning signs your relationship won’t last.

Here are Ten (10) early warning signs your relationship won’t last

1. You spend too much time together.

If your partner is the only person you spend your time with to the exclusion of everyone else then your sense of self may eventually be eroded completely.

Saying and living as if someone is your whole world sounds romantic. However, if taken a face value, this actually implies dependence on them for your identity and happiness. This is not healthy or sustainable.

Additionally, it could lead to one person getting fed up with the other. It is perfectly healthy for couples to spend time apart from each other and have their own space to know their true self.

2. The relationship is solely about romance.

Full romantic attraction to your partner is an important part of every relationship. It is one of the factors that play an important role in forming a bond between two people. However, it is not the only key most important thing to bond over.

A healthy and strong relationship also consists of having something in common with your partner, other than romance. It could be a shared interest in movies, games, plans for the future even politics.

Without any similar interests goals shared experiences or any other kind of common ground to stand on, the foundation is weak with little to build on. This can collapse your relationship almost instantly.

3. You can’t be yourself around them.

Being authentic is the glue that holds relationships together. It’s not just about being physically present; it’s about bringing your true self into the emotional space you share. When you can express your thoughts, feelings, and quirks without fear of judgment, it creates an environment where both of you can grow together.

For example, if you love making cheesy jokes, but you’re suppressing your inner comedian because you think your partner won’t find it amusing. That laughter you’re holding back is like a ticking time bomb. Sooner or later, you’ll crack, and either the jokes will burst out uncontrollably or the relationship might just unravel.

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4. You don’t like their friends ever.

Have you heard that saying, “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are?” Well, there’s some truth to that.

It’s perfectly healthy and fine for you and your partner to have your own friends, the only problem here is when there is an active dislike for each other’s social circles of friends.

This is because your choices of friends are somehow a reflection of who you are. If your partner almost always dislikes all your friends it could imply to some level some level that they may not actually like you.

This could be an early sign that the two of you are a mismatch.

5. Your relationship feels one-sided.

It’s one thing when your partner tells you, they love you and care for you but another thing when they don’t show it in their actions.

Are you usually the one who starts the conversation or plans your dates together? Do you feel you’re giving much more than you’re getting back? If the answer to these questions is yes you may be a few weeks away from joining the singles club.

While relationships are definitely not competitions, both you and your partner should be doing the work to hold the relationship together.

6. You feel controlled.

If you find yourself in a relationship where your opinions and decisions are constantly ignored and your inputs are not factored then it means your partner doesn’t respect or care about your feelings, especially when they expect you to be okay with a decision they have come up with by themselves.

Healthy relationships require mutual respect so being in a relationship with this kind of imbalance does not bode well. This person can change this by learning to value your opinion and stop being controlling.

7. You don’t feel accepted.

In your relationship, you are always on the receiving end of all the criticism. Your partner is constantly criticising every aspect of your life. This could be a sign that your relationship wouldn’t last.

We all appreciate a little bit of criticism but when it gets to a point where you begin to feel your partner wants you to change who you are completely then you should be alarmed. It’s like they wanted a different person than the one in front of them.

You may initially justify going along with it to salvage the relationship but the reality is you sacrificing the wonderful unique and valuable you for a person who doesn’t see your worth.

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8. You fight all the time.

Five stages of a relationship

Occasional conflict handled correctly is a healthy and normal part of a relationship as it helps couples appreciate each other’s differences better.

If the conflict is constant and volatile especially early in the relationship, it’s a clear sign of incompatibility.

All the energy from the relationship is sapped from arguing with no chance of growing closer as most conversations turn into a screaming match. It’s not healthy and it’s definitely not sustainable for a long-term relationship

9. You don’t trust each other.

Healthy lasting relationships require mutual trust. It allows closeness and allows you to show your vulnerable part to your partner which are things that strengthen a bond.

A lack of trust In a relationship isn’t something that will fix itself If ignored.

Lack of trust can take many forms including checking their phone on the slide or frequently calling their friends to check on them.

10. They are regularly mean to other people.

How they treat others is who they are and eventually, you will find yourself at the receiving end.

Were you shocked when your sweet soft-spoken partner was unreasonably impatient and rude to the waiter?

It’s a definite cause for concern when your partner acts one way towards you and another toward someone else. Sometimes that person is going the extra length to hide that side of them from you. On the day they can’t contain it anymore, you are going to receive the blow.

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There are so many ways to tell whether your newly found relationship is going to last but one thing you should never ignore is trusting your instincts. You may be convinced to still remain in the relationship despite seeing all these signs but that is only a recipe for a toxic relationship.

The point of a relationship isn’t also to make you change or forget who you are but it is meant to bring out the best in you.

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