Pacminer is a complete scam.

Pacminer is a complete scam: This wouldn’t be the first time an app will crop up claiming to help double your money overnight. Pacminer is no exception.

For those wondering what Packminer is, it is a self-styled fake cryptocurrency and bitcoin mining platform that claims to mine bitcoin online with a virtual machine you buy ranging from 10 dollars to as high as 1000 dollars.

The app or the crooks behind the platform claim that the machine purchased has an active period of N days and users can earn profits on their invested funds.

You’re then given the option to withdraw your returns or reinvest it.

Pacminer is a complete scam.

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Pacminer is a complete scam; The Truth Behind Pacminer

Pacminer is a complete scam. The so-called machines do not exist anywhere on this planet. Ask yourselves if they were real, is pacminer as a company the manufacturer or the intermediary managing such machines on your behalf?

It’s all a Ponzi scheme. In simple terms, they take your money and deduct a portion of it which serves as a kind of buffer and insurance for the so-called operators.

That is why you’re charged at a dollar rate of 15 cedis to 1 dollar. Those are not the actual exchange rates. (1st question mark). This means by just buying those machines they’ve already started profiting from you.

Just like all Ponzi schemes new subscribers are the commodity. As new people join they can pay the older subscribers hence why you have to wait a couple of days to get profits equivalent to or more than what you invested.

Now those behind the platform know you would try to search for their legitimacy so they implore good Search Engine Optimization. (SEO).

I checked out this platform countless times on Google when a friend encouraged me to join and surprisingly nothing about them came up. The site is not even indexed on Google and one interesting thing about the Pacminer domain is that they have been around since 2018.

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Everything you would find about them is what they want you to see and believe. I came across articles and videos claiming they had invested several thousands of cedis into Ghana’s economy which is completely untrue and not mentioned on any of the Ghana government’s website.

Such platforms when they crop up benefit the few that take advantage quickly before its collapse.

This is nothing New except those behind Pacminer are creative crooks. They tried to make their platform look as legit as possible by inserting other crypto coins API. That us BITCOIN and other cryptocurrencies.

Pacminer is a scam and just like other fake Ponzi schemes they capitalise on your desperation and ignorance of how things work.

They aren’t different from Earn It, Loom, Africa Cash and others.

Please do not fall for any investment schemes that place much emphasis on sharing referral codes because most of them are fake.

Subscribers who registered on the platform were also added to a WhatsApp group to engage with the administrators of Pacminer. As it stands now group members, (Victims) have been left to their fate. Listen to some audio of aggrieved victims below:.

Pacminer is a complete scam
Pacminer is a complete scam.

Next time you encounter any platform like Pacminer just do a little search using this very useful tool here :