My ex-husband body shamed me in front of his family and side chic – Xandy Kamel

Ever since the collapse of Xandy Kamel and King Kaninja’s marriage, the two have been at each other’s throats throwing shades upon shades as if they married as enemies.

It has been a year since the two divorced, and one party appears to be more bitter than the other. Xandy Kamel continues to make damning allegations against her ex husband. These shocking revelations about a failed marriage continue to make headlines

In her most recent interview on the Delay show, she alleged that her ex-husband, Kaninja body-shamed her in the presence of his friends and side chic.

According to the actress, her only offence was searching for his ex-husband after he left home for two weeks without sharing his whereabouts.

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She recounted that in December 2020 she returned from a donation to see their house empty. She tried to reach her ex-husband on the phone but to no avail.

Later that evening, he called her to inform her that he was going to Kumasi to visit his kid after over two weeks he hadn’t returned from his trip to Kumasi.

Xandy Kamel revealed that they later met in Takoradi and part of the reason was to settle their marital issues. That was when Kaninja Body shamed her in front of his family and friends passing degrading comments about her stomach.

The two celebrity couples have been calling out attacking each other ever since their marriage collapsed.

In other news, Kaninja replied to all the allegations from Xanda Kamel claiming he squandered all his money. According to him part of the reason why his marriage to Xandy didn’t was because she was lazy and incaple of taking care of a household.

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Watch the interview below: