Drake Calls Out Kanye West on “Red Button”; Why are Drake and Kanye Beefing?

Drake just released Drake released For All the Dogs: Scary Hours Edition which is the deluxe version of his FATD album released in late September.

In the first track on the list, Red Button, Drake name-drops Kanye West and talks about their relationship.
He called out Kanye for his fake attempts at mending their friendship.

A snippet of the Lyrics reads “Every time that Yeezy call the truce, he had my head inflated/Thinkin’ we gon’ finally peace it up and get to levitatin’/Realize that everything premeditated,”

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In the early hours of Thursday, the rapper announced that he would be releasing Scary Hours 3 at midnight tonight. Drake released the six-song tracklist shortly before the deluxe version of his For All the Dogs album arrived. The songs were produced by The Alchemist, Conductor Williams, Boi-1da, Vinylz and Ovrkast.

Why are Drake and Kanye Beefing?

Five years ago, Drake and Kanye West’s beef kicked off over a beat Kanye said Drake could use. Drake spilt the beans about his personal life to Kanye, who then used the info against him .

Ultimately, the G.O.O.D. The music founder kept the track for himself and added the silly lyrics of “Poopy-dee scoop/Scoop-diddy-whoop” all over it when it was released. Drake thought the lyrics were “nonsense.” And so the beef started.
Pusha T joined the party, bringing up Drake’s ghostwriting history, leading to diss tracks flying back and forth.

In 2021, they apparently buried the hatchet, confirmed by a photo of them together. Yet, Drake’s recent lyrics hint that maybe it was more for J Prince than Kanye.

Last year, Kanye praised Drake but also brought up rumours about Drake and his ex, Kim Kardashian. Drama, drama, drama!

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You can Listen to “Red Button” Below: