Maha Ayew: How Dede, Jordan’s mother was ‘forced’ to leave stadium during Ghana-South Korea game

Maha Ayew, the mother of Ghanaian football players Andre Dede Ayew and Jordan Ayew, had to depart from the Education City Stadium during Ghana’s Group H match against South Korea in the 2022 World Cup held in Qatar.

As per Jordan’s account, his mother was unable to cope with the intense and distressing nature of the game and therefore had to leave before the match concluded.

Jordan, who plays for Crystal Palace, disclosed that Maha departed sometime between the 65th and 70th minute of the game because she found it difficult to watch the mounting pressure that accompanies protecting a narrow lead in the final minutes of a match.

“My Mum, after 65 or 70 minutes, she couldn’t watch the game anymore. She had to leave the stadium! We like [the tension] like that, we enjoy it. It was very stressful for her. She is very passionate about the game as well, so she just couldn’t watch it. With her two sons playing, it was not easy for her,” Ayew disclosed as quoted by Ghanasoccernet.

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During the match, Ghana initially took a two-goal advantage in the first half, but South Korea managed to equalize early in the second half with a strong performance.

However, the Ghanaian team swiftly responded and regained the lead, successfully holding onto it until the end, resulting in their sole victory in the tournament.

Jordan Ayew played a crucial role in Ghana’s success. He provided an exquisite assist for the first goal, delivering a magnificent cross that was converted by Mohammed Salisu from a rebound. Jordan continued to display his skills by delivering another superb cross, which Kudus Mohammed headed into the net for the second goal.

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Following Cho Gue-sung’s two goals that brought South Korea level, Kudus Mohammed stepped up once again for Ghana. In the 68th minute, he restored his team’s lead by connecting with a cross from the right side of the pitch.