“I Am Not Yvonne Nelson”: Duncan Williams son proposed marriage to me with a ‘strange’ condition

I Am Not Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson’s book, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” quickly became the talk of the town within a day of its launch.

One particular chapter focused on masculinity and the marginalization of women, called “A Man’s World,” The chapter sheds light on an intriguing incident involving Joel Duncan-Williams, the son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams.

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Yvonne Nelson discloses how Joel approached her with a marriage proposal in a dramatic manner, but the relationship came to an abrupt end before it even had a chance to develop.

According to the actress, The son of Nicholas Duncan Williams’s sense of entitlement put her off immediately. She iterated that she was unsure about his proposal as it was too sudden However the young man went the extra length to bring her lunch while she was on set shooting her movie titled The Prince.

A snippet of the book reads:

“In 2009, while I was on set shooting The Prince’s, I received a visitor. He was not my visitor, as he had come to see someone else. However, by the end of his visit, I turned out to matter more to him than the person he had come to see. This visitor, if I should call him that because of the retinue of security guards he moved with, derived his influence from the surname he carried.

His name is Joel Duncan-Williams, the son of the founder and leader of Action Faith Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. Until that day, I hadn’t known or heard about him, but I couldn’t fail to notice his imposing presence when he showed up. Before he left the movie set, he said he had fallen in love with me,”

“He paid me a visit one evening with the usual princely entourage that I had only seen in movies featuring non-state officials. When the howling of his motorcade’s siren had adequately announced to the neighborhood that an important somebody had arrived at my household, he came in and announced his plans.

He said that before the marriage could proceed, I had to go to his father to be prayed for. The purpose of that prayer was to ensure that any demons or evil spirits present in me or my family line would be cast out,” she narrated.

Yvonne Nelson’s book has implicated quite a number of popular male figures like Sarkodie who she disclosed had impregnated her back in 2010 and subsequently had to abort the baby.

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