What was the Black cloak Messi Wore to lift the World Cup?

Argentina’s victory yesterday had many hearts melting as the football community finally witnessed the crowning of Lionel Messi as the GOAT. A dream he has labored so hard to attain.

During the celebration and lifting of the trophy, Messi was seen wearing a black robe with golden herm before approaching his team mates to lift the cup. One can easily tell that it symbolic of royalty and respect in the Qatari culture.

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The South American icon moved up to his ecstatic teammates and finished the trophy lift while wearing a piece of clothes that had been gifted to him by the Emir earlier.

The black and gold cloak that was handed to Messi is called a bisht. The captain of Argentina was instructed to put on a ceremonial robe for his time in the spotlight.

A bisht is a lengthy garment composed of sheer material with genuine gold accents. The Gulf area sees it as a symbol of appreciation and respect and associates it with special occasions.

It was only appropriate that Messi would be invited to don one while Argentina basked in World Cup victory because the bisht is synonymous with celebration.

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