How to attract a Sugar Mommy or Daddy

People go into different kinds of relationships for many reasons. The reality is some venture into it to satisfy their sexual urges while others go into it for companionship and potentially to find a life partner. Others have found themselves in it just for the fun of it.

You are reading this because you fall into the category of people who want to go into a sugar daddy or mommy relationship for financial reasons or for some, to fulfill a fantasy of being with an older person. There is no judgment here because your reasons for wanting to be in a sugar daddy or mommy relationship are entirely up to you. Here are tips on how to attract a sugar mommy or daddy

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Who is a sugar mommy or daddy?

How to attract a Sugar Mommy or Daddy

A sugar mom or dad is preferably an older person who provides financial assistance or sponsors one’s lifestyle in exchange for companionship or to fulfill a fantasy outside of their marriage. Such relationships are often kept under the radar to protect one’s integrity.

Sugar mom or dad may or may not be married.

Where to find them?

If you are reading this you are probably a youth or younger individual looking to enjoy the benefit of a romantic relationship with a sugar dad or mom. Remember that you will not find what you are looking for at places where younger people hang out.

Widen your scope and look where older rich folks would hang out. Visit cafeterias and attend book clubs. Visit golf courses and try to play. Social media is also an excellent tool to connect with potential sugar daddies and moms.

The secret is to show interest in what they are interested in and not to make it obvious that you want such a relationship with them right away.

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How to attract a sugar mommy or Daddy

1. The first rule is to look good and decent. You have to look decent because they grew up in an era where modesty was highly esteemed. Also, you don’t need to expose too much flesh to appear younger.

2. Secondly, you have to be confident and comport yourself maturely. When it comes to getting the attention of older men or women you don’t need to do a match. They are very observant and can easily spot a fake person from a mile away so be real.

3. Depending on where you meet them, you must be serious-looking and in action. Also, be mature in your choice of words because sugar daddies or moms tend to be very particular about words.

4. Last but not least remember to present yourself as someone willing and ready to serve their fellow.

5. The final and most important point is to be a bit flirtatious. Don’t make it too obvious and don’t do it too subtle. Keep in mind that making them feel special is the main motive.

Additionally, you need to make your sugar dad or mom feel special and young. Sometimes they miss the thrill of feeling young and you are the only one that can give them that feeling.

Dos and Donts in maintaining your sugar mommy or daddy

Now that you have landed a Sugar Dad or Mom you need to know how to maintain them so they don’t leave you hanging sooner or later. To be their means of escaping reality and fulfilling you need to exhibit the following qualities.

1. You have to be discreet when dealing with them. It’s about respecting their partners as most of them are married. It’s not morally right so the least you can do is to be respectful of your partners.

2. Be thoughtful. Don’t always wait for them to spend on you first. Just like any other kind of relationship being thoughtful brings the spark your relationship deserves. Just because they are your sugar partners and expected to spend on you doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate some reciprocity.

3. Show gratitude, shower them with praises when they do something nice for you. Believe me when I say the feeling of being able to provide your needs is a thrill to some Sugar Daddies or Moms. How you choose to show appreciation is entirely up to your discretion.

4. Always be available to listen and serve them as best as you can. Never be judgemental when they open up to you because it shuts them down.

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Risks involved Chasing Sugar Mommies and daddies.

Aside from being ridiculed by society keep in mind that at any time you could be targeted by their partners if they are married. Everything in life comes with some risk and this is no exception. Master the ability to disappear like a Ninja when you are caught.

If you put your sugar daddy in a tough situation just remember that 90% of the time they will rescue themselves first because they have much to lose. Their reputation, honor, etc.

Final Words: Play it safe out there. Going after sugar moms and dads isn’t the surest way to make wealth but if you are smart you could enjoy some good things.