I used to be followed by policemen and soldiers but not anymore- Obinim recounts the privileges he used to enjoy.

For a while, reverend Obinim hasn’t made headlines like he used to. Gone are the days when the man of God would be trending for all the wrong reasons.

Obinim recently shared a TikTok video lamenting over the privileges he used to enjoy as head pastor. In the video, he disclosed that he used to be followed by policemen, soldiers and bodyguards wherever he went but not anymore.

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The man of God revealed that he is no longer escorted by his entourage but moves only in the company of his driver.

In the TikTok video, he advised his followers to be careful with the lives they live now especially when they are thriving and making money.

“People are saying they like this time Obinim. Brother, what I have gone through in life that now I am not in the limelight like the previously is a lot. Right now when I am walking no one follows me. There is no soldier or bodyguard apart from my driver, pastor Raymond.

“Previously I was followed by 6 policemen, 8 soldiers, national security, Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) officials and 15 bodyguards but today where are they? No more. I walk alone or with my pastor,” he said.