Don Little Arrested For Knocking Motor Rider with His Car; Eye Witness Reports.

Ghanaian Kumawood actor Stephen Atangah, also known as Don Little, has been apprehended by the police following an incident where he allegedly collided with a motor rider.

According to an eyewitness, the actor was en route to the hospital with a friend who was contemplating suicide when the accident occurred.

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The report suggests that while driving to the hospital, Don Little encountered motor riders on the road, and his attempts to overtake them were unsuccessful, resulting in a collision with one of the riders.

“According to Don Little his friend called him that one of their friends wanted to commit suicide so he should intervene. On his way to the hospital with his friend, he was in a hurry. He got to a place where there were motor riders on the way so he blew the horn for them to give him way but it wasn’t successful.

“In his bid to bypass them, he knocked down one of the motor riders. Unfortunately, there was an officer [police] around who got to the scene. The officer claimed that Don Little slapped him twice but the actor denied the claims. He was taken to the Kasoa police station,” As recounted by the eye witness to GH Trends

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During an interaction with the police, Don Little was heard saying, “I was taking someone to the hospital and one of the motor riders was in the middle lane and I clashed with him. How can you allow the person I was taking to the hospital to go and arrest me?”

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