Beyonce is on Hard Drugs- Alleged former bodyguard drops some secrets.

An alleged former bodyguard of American songstress Beyonce has come out to make some wild allegations against the queen of pop. According to the young man that goes by the name Uncle Ron, Beyonce is on hard drugs.

Uncle Ron made this revelation in a TikTik video. Although Beyonce hasn’t yet reacted to the allegations, It has been confirmed by Media Take Out that indeed the young man has worked as a bodyguard for quite a number of celebrities.

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An old photo which has been dug out also confirms the possibility that Uncle Ron has indeed served as a bodyguard to Beyonce. The photo shows a man resembling Uncle Ron appearing to serve as Bey’s bodyguard.

The alleged bodyguard has a number of videos on his Tiktok page claiming the power could Jay Z and Beyonce are into some shady thing. He also revealed that he has “inside information” and “receipts” on the billionaire couple.

In his latest video, Uncle Ron tells the audience, “I know your deepest secrets … and I know how you got to where you are.”

In the video shared on TikTok, the former bodyguard alleged that he did a lot of dirty jobs for Jay Z and Bey including working behind the scenes to “destroy” the career of fellow R&B artist Keri Hilson.

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According to Uncle Ron, Jay Z and Beyonce’s relationship is merely a “business relationship” and not a romantic one. He finally stated without no evidence that Beyonce does “drugs”.

Watch the Tiktok Video Below:

Beyonce is on Hard Drugs

This wouldn’t be the first time that someone has come out to make serious allegations against queen Beyonce. However, if the rumours are anything to go by the fans of the pop star as well as those close to her should be concerned.

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