Kim Foxx Drops Charges of Sexual Abuse Against R. Kelly

  • The prosecutor in the R Kelly Sexual abuse case has dropped all charges levelled against the R & B singer.
  • Kim Foxx to the shock of the accusers dropped the changes on Monday 30th of January 2023.

R. Kelly was accused of sexually abusing four women three of them being minors.

The announcement was made by Kim Foxx on the eve of the hearing in the state case. Foxx stated that she is aware of how disappointed people will be given that she has been the one actively encouraging victims to press charges.

She however noted that R. Kelly has not been released from police custody having been found guilty on federal charges in New York and Illinois.

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Kelly’s attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, said she was “pleased” with the prosecution’s decision to drop charges.

“He only has one life to give. So I don’t know how many sentences upon sentences would satisfy people,” Bonjean said.

Lanita Carter, who said she was sexually assaulted by R. Kelly in February 2003, said she was “extremely disappointed” with the news.

“I have spent nearly 20 years hoping that my abuser would be brought to justice for what he did to me. With today’s announcement, all hope of justice for my case is gone,” Carter said, adding that she trusted Foxx and her office with her story and has spent four years steeling herself to face Kelly to no avail.

“Justice has been denied for me,” she said.


For more than two decades, chart-topping R&B singer R. Kelly had faced allegations of sexual abuse.

The accounts went back to the start of his career in the 1990s, with many centring on the predatory pursuit of teenage girls.

In September 2021, he was found guilty of eight counts of sex trafficking and one of racketeering in a New York court.