Added Sugar is Killing You; This is what you’ll benefit from giving up sugar.

Aside from the apparent fact that sugar is bad and can cause diabetes when taken in excess, too much of it can have other negative effects on your health. Too much sugar will weaken your eyesight and joints and even affect your reproductive health negatively.

Giving up sugar is the surest way to restore your body to good health if you are already suffering from the adverse effects of excess sugar on your body.

This is what will happen to your body if you give up sugar completely for just two weeks.

It would take your body approximately three days to adjust from using sugar as a source of fuel to using fats tied up in your body.

You might have a little withdrawal syndrome within the first three days which will include some mood swings. In the first few days, your body will start building enzymes that will enable it to utilize the fats stored in your body as fuel. You will begin to enjoy the great benefits of doing away with sugar after these few days.

1. First of all, all the plagues, and blockades that had been formed in your arteries that would have predisposed you to heart disease, and prevent proper blood flow will break off and could help prevent your risk of developing a stroke or heart attack.

giving up sugar
giving up sugar benefits

2. Secondly, staying away from sugar encourages the growth of brain cells. When you reduce sugar intake you run your body on a different source of fuel called ketones. These ketones support the healthy growth of nerve cells.

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giving up sugar

3. All the fats that have accumulated in your liver predispose you to a fatty liver. When you give up the intake of sugar, your liver will begin to break down the fats that are stored in it.

You will also notice that the fats in your midsection will begin to reduce as the fats melt from your liver and other organs.

5 ways to reduce sugar intake

4. You will begin to have better kidney function. One of the common complications associated with diabetes is nephropathy which isĀ the deterioration of kidney function. The final stage of nephropathy is called kidney failure. According to the Centers for Disease Control, diabetes is the most common cause of nephropathy. The kidney is always a Target as a result of the high amounts of sugar. So when you give up sugar, you improve your kidney function.

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5. You feel less hungry. Foods with a higher Glycemic index (GI), such as drinks sweetened with sugar, are rapidly digested and absorbed and provoke a rapid increase in blood glucose, a fact that exacerbates hunger and favours hyperphagia since these foods are unable to stimulate the mechanisms of satiety

giving up sugar what can i eat

There are exceptions however to people who may have had hypoglycemia in the past. In that case, consult your doctor. That goes without saying that your average consumption of carbs breaks down into an average amount of sugar needed.