Four (4) reasons why your testosterone is low and how to increase it.

Four (4) reasons why your testosterone is low and how to increase it.

Testosterone in your body is a vital sex hormone that is more in men and helps with the development of adolescent characteristics when they hit puberty. These hormones are also present in females but in lesser amounts.

The hormone is responsible for controlling one’s libido, deepening the Voice, increasing bone and muscle mass, and increasing body hair growth in males. In women, it works together with a hormone called estrogen to repair female reproductive tissues and promote growth when one hits puberty.

Testosterone plays a very important role in the bodies of both males and females. However, its absence and lower levels can affect a person’s reproductive health and may result in infertility, delayed puberty and issues with muscle and bone mass.

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Four reasons why your testosterone level may be low.

1. Injury or infection to male testes.

Four (4) reasons why your testosterone is low and how to increase it.

Low testosterone may be caused due to testicle injury or infection in males.

The male testicles are responsible for producing the testosterone your body needs. Their function may be affected during an infection or a disease which will lead to lower levels of testosterone production. Giving yourself time to recover from testicle-related injury and in some cases getting prescribed medication will help you.

2. Exposure to radiation

Another possible reason for depleted testosterone levels is radiation exposure. People undergoing radiation treatments like radiation therapy and some cancer patients can suffer from low testosterone production.

Although radiation is used in treating cancer patients, it can also damage some cells in your body. Your pituitary gland which regulates the levels of hormones in your body including testosterone may also be damaged from radiation. So when the pituitary gland malfunctions the hormone levels in your body may become disrupted.

Pituitary gland malfunctioning is also linked with blood pressure issues. As a result, all these changes can also make your testosterone run low.

3. Klinefelter syndrome

Certain genetic conditions like Klinefelter syndrome might also be the culprit behind a lack of testosterone. Males having Klinefelter’s Syndrome have an additional X chromosome. This mutation can cause symptoms like a taller-than-average physique delayed or absent puberty, gynecomastia or breast development in males, weak bones, small penis, and small testicles. Furthermore, this condition puts you at a higher risk of developing diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular issues lupus and cancer.

Testosterone replacement therapy may help in this condition.

4. Alcohol Abuse

Four (4) reasons why your testosterone is low and how to increase it.

Another possible reason your testosterone levels are low is the excessive use of alcohol and drugs. There is evidence that suggests the excessive use of alcohol damages the cells in your testicles. Heavy alcohol users are more likely to have poor testicular function than individuals who consume a moderate amount.

People who drink alcohol are much more likely to experience, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone levels, and decreased libido. Evidence suggests that alcohol damages the cells in the testes affecting testosterone production.