Six (6) things to do after a bad break up.

There’s no break up that is easy, but it is a part of life and something that most people get to experience before finally meeting their soulmate.

Every relationship meets its own set of challenges that either strengthen or break the bond between two people. Sometimes one or both partners take it the hardest, especially the one that felt the most betrayed, used or patronised.

People have different ways of dealing with the pain and anxieties resulting from a bad break up but most people that have successfully survived a breakup and come out as better persons all followed these six (6) rules to get over a bad break up

1. Forgive yourself

The first and most important thing to do is to forgive yourself. Unforgiveness of one’s self causes you to hold on to the pain, memories and negative emotions which are unhealthy for the soul. These negative emotions latch on the soul and drain you. Forgiving yourself should proceed to forgive the ex that hurt you because you would be doing yourself a favour in the long run.

90% of the time the ex that hurt you has moved on with their life probably looking for their next victim. So the best thing to do is to forgive them also.

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2. Get rid of anything that reminds you of your partner.

Out of sight, out of mind. This is the second step if you want to come out of a bad breakup. Getting rid of everything could be pictures, gifts or even memories you both shared will go a long way to healing you.

There’s no law preventing you from deleting that ex’s pictures. Just got ahead and do it even if it makes you feel better for a second. The focus should be on your emotional healing.

If you had gotten a tattoo of them then you could redesign it into something else or remove it completely.

A lady friend of mine tattooed her boyfriend’s name Ray, short for Raymond on her arm. After their break up the tattoo always reminded her of him. So I asked her to insert a “P” in front of the tattoo to make it Pray. Guess what? It worked. She’s now a happy productive woman.

It’s all about turning the negative things into the positive and that leads us to our next point.

3. Channel all the negative energy into positive things.

The most affected party when a relationship ends mostly is the one that invested most of his or her time into it. It is normal to feel enraged, angry, depressed or even toxic sometimes for the time being they are healthy emotions.

Such emotions when not properly managed leads to self destruct so it’s necessary to channel it into productive things. Whenever you experience an intense feeling of anger go outside and go for a run. Apart from the obvious fact that this activity will expel negative emotions, it will also keep you healthy and in good shape.

You can even take advantage of that to build your revenge body.

Six (6) things to do after a bad break up.

4. Avoid idleness

When you allow the idleness to set in after a breakup, there’s a higher chance that your mind will wander to unhealthy places thereby triggering unhealthy emotions.

As much as possible try to keep yourself busy by engaging in healthy productive things. Getting busy will not only help you to heal faster it will improve your general well-being and boost your mood.

Some heartbreaks can make you feel like you have no purpose in life because it becomes hard to face the reality that someone that you built your entire life around and made plans together isn’t going to be in the picture anymore. Getting busy would most certainly take your mind off that ex and before you know it time has passed.

The devil will always find work for the idle hands in this case the idle mind.

5. Time to focus on the things that define you

Many people tend to make the mistake of building their whole lives around someone they are in a relationship with. They tend to compromise too much without factoring in what they truly want for themselves in their future plans.

They often tend to forget who they really are because at some point in the relationship they had to readjust their priorities to suit their partners. Taking time to remember who you were before the start of the relationship and all the toxicity accompanying it is the first step towards redefining yourself.

You know yourself better and only you can tell the things that define you.

6. Talk to someone

We all have different ways of dealing with bad situations in life. Some people aren’t cut to stand such situations and that is ok but what isn’t ok is trying to absorb and keep to yourself everything you are going through especially when it’s killing you inside.

The moment you begin to feel worthless because someone who didn’t see your value left you or you begin to have suicidal thoughts is the very moment you should talk to someone.

There’s nothing to be shy about when opening up in such situations you only have to be careful about who you open up to. Ideally, you have to talk to someone that wouldn’t judge your decisions or blame you out rightly.

Talking to someone would also ease the pressure you feel and a word or two from the can change your perspective about the breakup.

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Six (6) things to do after a bad break up.