Amina, the Girlfriend of GH man who committed suicide because of a ‘broken heart’ speaks.

Amina, the former girlfriend of Kwame Peter, has finally spoken out in response to the accusations that she was the cause of her ex-lover’s suicide.

Prior to Amina’s clarification, a heartbreaking WhatsApp audio went viral on social media, where a distraught Kwame Peter expressed his disappointment in Amina and her parents for betraying his trust.

In the audio, Kwame Peter revealed that he had spent all his savings on Amina and her family, only for her to leave him for a wealthier man, with support from her parents.

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He also mentioned how he had helped relocate one of Amina’s brothers from the village to the city, enrolling him in a private school and covering his tuition fees.

However, Amina strongly denies being the primary cause of Kwame Peter’s death.

During an exclusive interview, she disclosed that Kwame Peter had already threatened to take his own life on three separate occasions prior to his suicide.

Amina claims that Kwame Peter even instructed her to insult his family if he were to die, alleging that they were malicious individuals.

Furthermore, Amina accused Kwame Peter of continuously accusing her of infidelity, despite her asserting that she had never cheated on him.

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source: GHPage