“A girl that will ask you for transport money is a useless girl”- Pastor advises men.

A Nigerian-based pastor, Mildred Okonkwo of the David’s Christian Centre (DCC) has made a bold statement that may not sit well with most African Women.

According to the woman of God, any woman that asks a man for transport money is a useless girl.

Pastor Mildred was speaking to her congregation when she made the following statements, “Don’t marry a lazy girl. A girl that will ask you for transport money is a useless girl. Yes! Tell them I said so.”

Addressing the congregants, she advised single men to desist from marrying lazy women, essentially women that believe that it is the man’s sole responsibility to give them transport fares.

Her comments received some reactions with many netizens calling out the pastor for her choice of words.

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The clergywoman is the wife of the popular Nigerian Man of God, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo.

Watch the video:

Check out some reactions :

@guddy_fresh “I respect you a whole lot ma but using that word “usele** is so wrong, you can actually make your point without the name calling. Like I don’t understand why a preacher will hold 🎤 on the alter to says this, me that sells undies and some other stuff and it is really well with sales this period then a brother will ask I visit him from alimosho to etinosa which is like 25/30 Km away from me so I request for support to enable me get there now automatically makes me useless?? Cmon naw give advice with consideration please.”

@happeningscakes “I still feel using the word ‘useless’ for anyone from a minister of God is inappropriate… my take”

@graceeherself “Just asking for transport money makes you useless??😢 Even if it’s just once?? Who doesn’t go broke? Abeg o”

@gtb_gtb “I don’t agree to this though… her asking for transport fare could be due to many reasons. What if she isn’t working at the moment? We all started from somewhere before we gathered our millions. I’d send transport to a girl if she doesn’t have a car. 🤷🏾‍♂️”

@oke.mensah “All these half baked ministers, not everyone on the pulpit is called by God. Small fame and publicity, they turn themselves to authority. Is this even the word of Christ or motivational speaking.”