Twelve Suspected (12) Cyber Fraudsters Arrested By Ghana Police,

Twelve (12) suspects alleged to be involved in cyber fraud have been apprehended by the Ghana Police Service for the impersonations of prominent persons in society.

The police in a statement released on the 2nd of March stated that the criminal syndicate operated by hacking into the social media accounts of the prominent in society which includes Ministers of State, MPs and some heads of government institutions to commit their fraudulent activities.

According to the police, nine hundred and seventy-three (973) fake social media accounts created by these fraudsters have been pulled down. 785 of the accounts were those of MPs and 62 of them were in the names of top security officials, while 136 of the accounts were impersonating Ministers of state, Ambassadors and heads of institutions.

Phones, Laptops and sim cards were confiscated by the police.

The twelve (12) suspects were identified as; Gideon Kove alias Billions, Felicia Nanewortor, Carl Kristal, Safari Zatey, Eric Acquah alias Cent Mona, Richard Agbadzi, Isaac Dortsue alias Barajah, Samuel Gadre, Moses Otchie alias Razak, Yonnah Boso, Sterling Kwame Doe, and Wisdom Tornyie.

Police Statement

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