You are probably the side chick if you notice any of these six (6) signs

We live in a dishonest world and people most at times tend to give you false hope for their selfish interest. You may be a side piece in your relationship and you may never know until you get an invitation card from your boyfriend which doesn’t bear your name.

To prevent that, Life Tipster has outlined the following tips to help you know if you are the side chick or the main chick:

Six (6) signs you are the side chick:

1. You have never been on proper dates

If he’s really into you, then he would like to take you out somewhere at some point in the relationship. People love to share the Happy moments in their lives with those they love and some of those happy moments happen outside the bedroom.

If you are dating someone and they are quick to discard the idea of a proper date outside in a nice place but would accept only agreeing to a Netflix and chill date night then you are certainly a side piece.

He or she is uncomfortable taking you outside for a proper date because the main chick might find out and that could ruin the perfect relationship they have going on.

2. He hasn’t introduced you to any family/friend

We like to talk to family and friends about the people we love that mean a lot to us. The guy or lady that wants something honest with you would be more than eager to introduce you to a couple of friends or family.

Whenever we are committed to starting a relationship with someone, we begin to think of how to integrate them into our daily lives. You are the side chick in the relationship if he manages to keep his friends and family totally separate from his dating life because that’s how to tame the gossip.

3. He never posts about you on any of his social media.

Before you go attacking your partner for not sharing moments with you on their social media hear me out.

If he is the kind that doesn’t fancy social media that much then it makes sense if he doesn’t post to you ever. As weird as it sounds there are people who don’t like social media. On the other hand, if he/she/they are the social media active type but never posts you or anything relating to you on SC then you might be a side piece.

If he goes as far as asking you to delete a post you made about the two of you because he wants to keep your relationship private then congratulations you are a side chick or cock.

4. Touching his/her phone is a Taboo.

Six (6) signs you are the side chick:
Six (6) signs you are the side chick:

If you are with someone that restricts you from his/her phone at all costs then you may be a side piece. Mobile phones have become pandora’s box that houses a lot of secrets about us in today’s age therefore it makes sense that your cheating partner would protect it with their life.

If you also realize that his phone is almost all the time turned to silent or turned off whenever he is with you then you already know who you are in his life.

Let’s say somehow you have access to your partner’s phone but you notice that some things are not in place then it’s likely you are the side chick. If you notice that pictures of both of you are mysteriously missing or some text messages have gone missing then you should know that someone else’s heart is being protected and it certainly isn’t yours.

5. Zero display of affection especially when you are in public.

Out of fear of creating suspicion on the side of the main chick, your “partner” would avoid physical contact in public or never show any kind of affection openly.

What if someone sees yall doing “lovi lovi” and decides to tell the main chick? He would want to prevent that at all costs so forget about holding hands or kissing or hugging.

6. They call and Text when they wants it( Booty Call)

Six (6) signs you are the side chick:
Six (6) signs you are the side chick:

When your partner calls and almost all the time the conversation is about plans to come over to get some vitamin D or P then just know you are officially a side piece.

The conversation usually goes like this: “hey, what’s up” sent around 6 pm, followed by some small talk that leads to a “what are you up to?” around 10 pm.

In conclusion, being taken for a ride in any relationship sucks especially when you have put in your all only to realise that you are living a lie. No normal person would appreciate being a second option(side piece). Trusting is important to sustain every relationship however you better sleep with one eye open if you really want to protect your heart.

In some people’s eyes there’s nothing wrong with being a side piece but we’d all appreciate a little honesty from our partners if it turns out that our place in their lives is not permanent.

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