Here is Why is the best cloud torrent downloader I’ve ever used. is one of the best cloud torrent downloaders out there. It’s not just a cloud downloader it has other functionalities like allowing you to import files from other URLs which you can choose to download on your device or leave in the cloud.

You can also choose to directly play the files in your web browser.

I came across this amazing tool while searching for alternate ways to download files faster. Before discovering the tool I used to spend a lot of time downloading using my traditional torrent downloader client.

seedr. cc has free and premium offers. Don’t let that discourage you because the basic plan is packed with lots of functionalities I promise you will enjoy using. By subscribing with just a little you can expand your storage and enjoy seamless file uploads and downloads.

In this article, I will explain how you can create an account on and use the web tool to download your favorite torrent movies and files.

Step 1: Visit is the best cloud torrent downloader

Step 2: Create an Account; you can sign up faster by using your Google account or Facebook. is the best cloud torrent downloader

Step 3: Click on the upload icon to load your torrent file.

Step 4: After Uploading the file Click on download. The download should start normally as it would for files on the Internet download manager (IDM)

Watch the full video tutorial below.