Bishop Agyenasare leaves the country amidst Nogokpo Chiefs’ demand for an apology.

Bishop Agyenasare leaves the country amidst Nogokpo Chiefs' demand for an apology.

The Chiefs and Elders of Nogokpo in the Volta Region have issued a strong warning to Archbishop Charles Agyinasare.

They have demanded that he personally visit their palace within a 14-day period, starting from Friday, June 2. If he fails to comply, they have threatened to disclose the true controllers of heavenly power to him.

Amidst the ongoing controversy, it has been reported that Archbishop Agyinasare, the respected founder and leader of Perez Chapel International, has left for the United States along with his wife to avoid the repercussions from the Nogokpo Chiefs.

To provide context, the tension between Agyinasare and the people of Nogokpo escalated when he made a statement in a recent sermon, referring to Nogokpo as the demonic headquarters of the Volta Region.

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Even though the Christian leader clarified three days later that he did not intend to harm or disrespect the people of Nogokpo with his statement, the chiefs and elders are not satisfied. They believe that Archbishop Agyinasare did not take back his words, apologize, or show remorse for what he said. As a result, they have given him a deadline of fourteen days to personally come and explain himself.

This ultimatum was declared during a press conference held last Friday at the Royal Palace of Torgbui Saba V, who is the leader of Nogokpo.

In a statement read by the palace spokesman, Nufialaga Kobla Mawufemor Nornyibey urged the National Peace Council, the Christian Council, and the Minister Responsible for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs to intervene and urge Archbishop Agyinasare to take appropriate action.

Nufialaga Kobla Later, Mawufemor Nornyibey gave an interview to Citi Eyewiness news.

“If you listen to what Archbishop Agyinsare said on Sunday, he did not apologize. He rather came to justify it, and it was then that we realized he takes us for granted. Or perhaps he believes we are powerless. This is extremely disrespectful; he disrespected his wife and insulted us by staring into the eyes of his in-laws.

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“No amount of grammar or English can alter what he said, and we were anticipating a sincere apology, not grammar lessons. We have given him a 14-day ultimatum; if he wishes, he may come and perform the required action; if he wishes, he may refuse. He can choose to decline, and we will determine who controls cosmic power. “If he does not do what is required, we will use him as a scapegoat,” he stated.

Nufialaga Kobla Mawufemor Nornyibey added, “What he said has cast a shadow over Nogokpo and the Volta region, especially among the youth who are struggling to find employment and our women who are planning to get married.”

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